Peering through the window of JFM Interiors is like discovering a new world of exciting furniture and accessories. A fact not lost on commuters and dog walkers in Harrogate’s Knaresborough Road, where since March 2015 Jennifer Hill has been steadily building a loyal following.

Jennifer has been an interior designer for more than 25 years and specialises in home consultations. She has also advised on visual merchandising for retail stores across the country and the preparation, planning and merchandising of trade exhibitions. Her passion and expertise are reflected in every aspect of her work.

She sources products from around the world, and her work has led to her becoming recognised as an expert in the field of interior design, with customers beating a path to her door to find out what she can do for them.

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And once inside JFM Interiors, there are some fabulous things to whet your appetite. Some, like the brilliant felt bags, don’t cost the earth. Others such as the to-die-for bevelled chrome mirrors will set you back a few days’ pay.

“I like being here, it works for me,” says Jennifer. “Previously I was busy working as an interior designer from home, but carrying stock for show houses there wasn’t ideal, I thought I should be selling it instead. Then the tenant moved out and an opportunity arose to turn this place into a showroom for what we do.”

So Jennifer created JFM Interiors and now offers a full design service including curtains, fabrics and wallpapers as well as furniture, lighting and accessories. She will work with you to create a design plan giving your home a fresh, on-trend feel that’s tailored to your budget. “I can talk to people all day in here and discuss ideas,” says Jennifer. “But really I prefer to visit clients, to get a feel for what they are looking for and the style they prefer.”

Jennifer doesn’t charge for home visits. When given a free rein, she generally favours the modern look, without falling for fashion fads, but obviously she adapts to suit her customer. They’re always right, after all - even if sometimes they have no idea where to begin. “I generally go away and make up different mood boards, one in my style and one in theirs,” she says. “It usually comes together with something in between.”

Another trick Jennifer uses is to base a design on a customer’s favoured accessory. It just need moving to a new place in the house, or it could be a simple case of changing the mood with different lighting or perhaps adding a mirror – or four. Perhaps her singular USP is the use of oversized accessories, from lights and vases to mirrors. Every room needs a focal point, she says, and her mirror arrangements certainly get guests talking.“I use a lot, because they make the space so much brighter,” says Jennifer. “I like to pair them, use four or even three, rather than just one big mirror. It just creates something a bit different and my customers like it, too It's why they come here.”

Another reason Jennifer’s business has taken off so well is her determination to be the friendliest interior designer in town. “I was born and brought up in Harrogate,” she says. “I know Harrogate people, how they work and their style. They like nice things, a personal service and enjoy showing their home.People often spend time here measuring things and asking, ‘Where could I use that?’ I never put any pressure on them. If they want to spend an hour looking, that’s fine.”

Then there is her out-of-hours delivery service, often on the way home. Nothing, it seems, is too much trouble; and the children have been known to lend a hand. “Sometimes I’ll even go out with my van with everything in it to try different things. If it doesn’t work, I’m happy to bring it all back. It’s just part of the personal service we like to give here.”

Even her showroom’s position of Knaresborough Road makes life easier for her customers.

“Parking is easier here than in town and this is quite a busy road,” says Jennifer. “In fact, people drive past on an evening or a weekend, see the shop and by Monday they are calling in. Actually, Monday mornings see quite a flutter of people.”

JFM Interiors, 2 Knaresborough Road, Harrogate HG2 7SP

T: 07738-673333