Nicole Kidman has admitted that she has been "to hell and back" in her life.

The Oscar-winning actress opened up about her life in a revealing interview with Net-a-Porter's The Edit, discussing her blissfully happy marriage with Keith Urban and motherhood, and touching on her life before she met the country music star.

She said of her hubby: "Keith always says, 'We're lucky we met late in life. The sadness of that is we can't have six kids together, but the greatness of that is [we are done] with all the other stuff, so now we are totally present for this.' That's a great thing to hear from a man."

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Keith recently dedicated a song to Nicole at a concert on their eighth wedding anniversary and the actress - who was previously married to Tom Cruise for 11 years - admitted some of her friends were envious.

She said: "I had two girlfriends sitting with me and they were like, 'B***h!'. I went, 'Hey! I've been to hell and back!'"

Nicole, 47, who has two children with Keith and two adopted children from her marriage with Tom, also told how she is at a point in her life when she knows tough times can be overcome.

"Now I have the ability to go, 'Okay, this too shall pass.' Sometimes you've just got to navigate through pain and depression. Maybe you have a down day, but life is contrast. I'd rather feel it and know it."