MEMORIES 342 included the startling news that in the late-1960s, a PG Tips travelling show visited Bowburn, possibly with a real chimp as the star attraction.

The aptly-named Ron Gibbon has been in touch to tell about his childhood 50 years ago in Wingate, where he remembers the PG Tips show played on at least two occasions in the Palace – the larger of Wingate’s two cinemas (the other was the Empire).

There weren’t any live chimps, but Ron was fortunate enough to win a bendy rubber one in the raffle.

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Admission to the Saturday morning show was an empty box of PG Tips, and the highlight appears to have been singalong with a bouncing ball above the words on the screen.

Ron remembers it like it were yesterday and breaks into song:

“Change to Brooke Bond,
Brooke Bond PG Tips,
The family all enjoy it,
Smiling and happy taste
PG Tips means extra flavour,
Tea you can really taste.”

Ron says: “They tried to brainwash the kids, but it didn’t work – I now drink Typhoo.”

Any other sightings of the PG Tips show or any other peculiar promotional touring extravaganzas?