More spent on keeping cars on road than anything else, survey finds

The Northern Echo: Thief walks out of store with new bike

10:59am Thursday 10th April 2014

NEARLY half of drivers in the UK spend more disposable income on their car than anything else, according to a survey.

Toyota recalls 35,000 UK cars over airbag faults

The Northern Echo: Toyota Yaris Icon+

10:01am Wednesday 9th April 2014

TOYOTA is recalling more than 35,000 UK cars after it discovered faults that could deactivate airbags, cause seats to move while driving and break steering columns.

Suffering's good for the Soul

The Northern Echo: Suffering's good for the Soul

7:43pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

I DIDN’T quite “get” the original Soul. I mean, what was it supposed to be? Did Kia intend for us to buy a Soul in preference to an off-roader, a people carrier or a crossover? Or maybe it was just the oddest-looking hatchback since the Nissan Cube (the one that came with a pointless piece of shag-pile carpet for the dash and no one bought).

Kia sticks the boot in - new cee'd Sportswagon

The Northern Echo: Kia sticks the boot in - new cee'd Sportswagon

6:57pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

WHATEVER happened to the estate car? When I was a nipper we used to see them all the time, chocka with kids, on their way to the seaside or heading to Butlins, in Filey.

Pocket rocket - Fiesta ST review

The Northern Echo: Pocket rocket - Fiesta ST review

5:45pm Monday 7th April 2014

We pit the newest hot Fiesta against its great-granddad - the XR2. The result? A massacre.

Picasso paints a pretty picture

The Northern Echo: Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

11:07pm Friday 4th April 2014

Five seats not enough? Then Citroen has the answer.

Attention-grabbing exterior clothes practical performer

The Northern Echo: Vauxhall’s Corsa Sting has been designed with just one thing in mind – to grab as much attention as possible

3:00pm Friday 28th March 2014

IF you are something of a shrinking violet who likes their car to quietly vanish when you pull up in the office car park then save yourself a couple of minutes of your life and stop reading now.

Honda to cut production at Swindon

The Northern Echo: What's going to be hot in 2012?

12:02pm Tuesday 25th March 2014

IT had to stop sometime. After months of nothing but good news about the UK motor industry, Honda announced today that it is cutting production at its Swindon plant.

Peugeot's Grr-eight new contender

The Northern Echo: Peugeot's Grr-eight new contender

7:32pm Monday 24th March 2014

AFTER surviving a near-death experience earlier this year, Peugeot is a car company reborn.

Honda proves that size doesn’t really matter

The Northern Echo: Honda C-RV

12:00am Friday 21st March 2014

THE latest version of the C-RV promises improvements across the board. One of the main areas is efficiency. So does the smaller engined SUV cut the mustard?

Citroen hopes to Benefit from new tie-up

The Northern Echo: Citroen hopes to Benefit from new tie-up

3:21pm Thursday 13th March 2014

THANK the Lord for the DS range, the one consistently bright spot in the Peugeot-Citroen (PSA) firmament these past few years. It’s no secret that the French giant has had its problems ever since the recession began in 2008.

Win 1: Life On The Limit Blu-Rays

The Northern Echo: 1: Life On The Limit

6:58pm Friday 7th March 2014

IN the early days of Formula One, death went hand in hand with glory.

3-Styling the Mazda way

The Northern Echo: Mazda 3

12:00am Friday 7th March 2014

IT’S called Kodo and it’s the design inspiration behind the new Mazda 3. Call it psycho-babble if you like, but if this is the end result, then who are we to argue?

Top of the Range

The Northern Echo: The new Range Rover

8:35pm Monday 3rd March 2014

IT’S easy to become blase in this job, but every now and then there comes a car that makes you appreciate just what a privilege it is. The new Range Rover is just such a car.

Fancy a Chinese? MG6 tested

The Northern Echo: Fancy a Chinese? MG6 tested

6:03pm Monday 3rd March 2014

THERE’S an old Chinese proverb which says: “The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the man doing it.”

Duster cleans up

The Northern Echo: Duster cleans up

8:22pm Monday 24th February 2014

TALK is cheap - and so is the Dacia Duster. You can have a new one on your driveway, the odometer reading 0000 miles, bobbles on the tyres and that indefinable ‘new car’ smell still permeating the cabin, for less than £10,000.

Citroen's cheeky city slicker - the new C3

The Northern Echo: Citroen's cheeky city slicker - the new C3

5:27pm Friday 14th February 2014

BIGGER, bolder and cheaper to run - what’s not to like about the cheeky new C3 from Citroen?

A prickly customer? The new Citroen Cactus

The Northern Echo: A prickly customer? The new Citroen Cactus

3:56pm Thursday 13th February 2014

MY WIFE sometimes accuses me of wrapping my cars in cotton wool (by which she means I don't leave the remains of a half-eaten sandwich in the passenger door bin) - but I have never wrapped a car in bubble wrap.

Muddy two shoes - Subaru Forester review

The Northern Echo: The new Forester - can it put Subaru back on top?

5:11pm Wednesday 12th February 2014

SUBARU has an image problem in this country. How ironic that the car that made Subaru a major player in the past decade - the Impreza STI - should be so spectacularly responsible for an inexplicable failure to rebrand as a purveyor of fine 4x4s and easy-to-own SUVs.

Insight into hybrid motoring

The Northern Echo: Honda Insight

10:39pm Monday 10th February 2014

ELECTRIC and petrol power combine to provide Honda’s riposte to the Toyota Prius. But does what works on paper actually work in practice?

Nissan Renault forging ahead

The Northern Echo: PROTOTYPES: Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn at the launch of the new Qashqai last week

12:09pm Friday 7th February 2014

The Renault-Nissan Alliance sold a record 8,266,098 vehicles in 2013, propelled by record sales in the car group’s two largest markets, China and the United States.

The cat that got the cream? Peugeot 2008 Feline tested

The Northern Echo: Peugeot's new soft-roader: good enough to be your partner in slime?

12:05pm Wednesday 5th February 2014

YOU see them every week day. Mums and dads driving hulking 4x4s with a couple of small kids rattling around in the back.

Honda puts the boot in - Civic Tourer preview

The Northern Echo: Honda puts the boot in - Civic Tourer preview

3:58pm Wednesday 29th January 2014

TRUST Honda to go its own way. Everyone else has pretty much abandoned the small estate market in the dash for pseudo SUVs then along comes the Civic Tourer.

Nissan's 'incredible success story'

The Northern Echo: A new Nissan Qashqai in production at Sunderland

6:00am Thursday 23rd January 2014

AT the launch of Nissan's new Qashqai model, Andy Richardson, business editor, talked to Colin Lawther, who was recently appointed senior vice president for manufacturing, purchasing and supply chain management for Europe

Lexus refreshes the CT200 h - is it enough?

The Northern Echo: Lexus refreshes the CT200 h - is it enough?

3:32pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

THINGS are about to get a lot tougher for Lexus in the small premium hatchback segment. When the new Infiniti Q30 arrives in 2015, Lexus will no longer be the sole Japanese representative in the small prestige class.

To boldly go - BMW's new four-wheel drive 320

The Northern Echo: To boldly go - BMW's new four-wheel drive 320

8:21pm Tuesday 21st January 2014

A BMW is a great driver’s car, but the rear wheel (RWD) drive layout that makes it such fun in dry conditions, means it’s hopeless in snow.

BMW puts the boot in - 320D GT review

The Northern Echo: BMW puts the boot in - 320D GT review

7:51pm Tuesday 21st January 2014

WHEN historians write the remarkable post-war transformation of BMW, from bubble-car joke to the ultimate driving machine in three decades, they will pay particular attention to the 3-Series.

Win copies of the Formula One movie Rush as well as James Hunt books

The Northern Echo: Rush - the movie

6:03pm Monday 20th January 2014

MOTOR racing movies are almost always universally bad. Race scenes are unrealistic, dialogue generally stereotypical and the choice of actors for the lead roles badly assigned.

Ibiza turns up the heat

The Northern Echo: Ibiza Cupra

12:00am Friday 17th January 2014

THINK Ibiza, think hot. The legendary party island’s mechanical namesake is aiming to live up to that image.

Audi's a doody - Q5 tested

The Northern Echo: Audi's a doody - Q5 tested

5:22pm Tuesday 7th January 2014

HOW long will before the Q-series SUVs overtake sales of Audi’s traditional saloons? Audi has sold more than 400,000 Q5s worldwide since 2008 and its mid-size SUV is snapping at the heels of the A4.

Range Rover Sport review

The Northern Echo: Range Rover Sport review

7:32pm Monday 30th December 2013

AS ONE of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, it’s understandable that Ford has made some mistakes. It lost a bundle on the Edsel, suffered a public relations disaster by ignoring Pinto design flaws and, in perhaps the biggest gaffe of the lot, sold Land Rover in 2008 after spending a fortune on new models.

Qoros is deadly serious

The Northern Echo: Coming soon... a new Qoros - err, great

7:25pm Monday 30th December 2013

QOROS sounds like a particularly poncey type of men's aftershave - the sort of "fragrance" for blokes who don't have to try... too hard. Fear not Lynx-users, you won't have to switch brands, because Qoros is a car company.

Schumacher: The career of a sporting legend and the dark days ahead

The Northern Echo: DARK DAYS AHEAD: Michael Schumacher

4:19pm Monday 30th December 2013

MICHAEL Schumacher spent his career cheating death at 200mph but last night the seven time Formula One world champion lay in a coma after an accident while skiing with his family. Nigel Burton looks at Schumacher’s career and what may lay ahead…

Here comes another crossover - Mitsubishi's new ASX

The Northern Echo: Here comes another crossover - Mitsubishi's new ASX

8:50pm Wednesday 18th December 2013

ANOTHER week... another new small crossover SUV arrives.

King of the load - Mercedes E-Class estate tested

The Northern Echo: Bigger - and better. The new E-Class Estate

8:42pm Monday 16th December 2013

ESTATE cars don’t come much bigger than this. The E-Class estate’s boot measures a massive 695 litres with the back seats still in place. Or 1950 litres with them folded down.

Two out of 3 ain’t bad

The Northern Echo: Two out of 3 ain’t bad

12:00am Friday 13th December 2013

AT under £10,000, even for the top of the range model, the all-new MG3 promises value with added fun. But does it come at the expense of quality?

A coupe you’ll warm to from Kia

The Northern Echo: A coupe you’ll warm to from Kia

7:50pm Wednesday 11th December 2013

THE Kia pro_cee’d is like a Korma curry. At first sight it might look hot, but in reality it’ll only warm your insides. Matt Westcott reports on the stylish coupe for those who aren’t overly obsessed by power.

At last - a Mustang for Europe

The Northern Echo: At last - a Mustang for Europe

12:10pm Thursday 5th December 2013

FINALLY. It's only taken Ford 50 years to build a Mustang for Europe but here it is at last.

Qashqai's a budget beater

The Northern Echo: Qashqai's a budget beater

6:13pm Tuesday 3rd December 2013

AS the market-leading crossover the Qashqai already has excellent residual values. But Nissan must be delighted that the new Qashqai, which goes on sale in January, is forecast to retain 50 per cent of its value after three years or 30,000 miles – a 10 per cent improvement on its predecessor – according to latest data from residual value (RV) setters CAP.

Hot Honda's a rally great looking car

The Northern Echo: Hot Honda's a rally great looking car

6:07pm Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Honda has released the first visual of its 2014 World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) challenger reflecting the all new technical regulations for the FIA WTCC which will come into force for 2014.

Nismo 370Z - too much of a good thing?

The Northern Echo: Nismo 370Z - too much of a good thing?

8:22pm Monday 2nd December 2013

THE Nismo 370Z is a highly desirable car - but would you sell a body part to own one? The same week I was hooning about in Nissan’s hotted up coupe a man in America announced he had sold one of his testicles so he could buy a 370Z.

INFINITI M35H GT Premium road test

The Northern Echo: INFINITI M35H GT Premium road test

7:10pm Friday 29th November 2013

THE Americans would call it chutzpah. We’d probably call it audacious. Either that, or outrageously stupid.

Need a 4x4 this winter? Suzuki's got some deals for you

The Northern Echo: Need a 4x4 this winter? Suzuki's got some deals for you

7:08pm Friday 29th November 2013

Suzuki has some good news this winter for customers looking to purchase a new SX4 S-Cross, the brand’s all new Crossover model.

e-up - an electric car from Yorkshire?

The Northern Echo: The new e-up!

7:04pm Friday 29th November 2013

WITH a daft name like the e-up!, VW's new car  might sound like amotor designed for Yorkshire folk but it's actually an all-electric city car.

Mercedes makes history

The Northern Echo: Mercedes makes history

6:59pm Friday 29th November 2013

or the first time in its UK history, Mercedes-Benz has sold 100,000 new cars within a year. The 100,000th car was delivered this afternoon at Mercedes-Benz of Bristol, and comes after the company posted record sales levels throughout 2013.

Electric cars failing to spark public interest, poll suggests

The Northern Echo: The second generation of the Nissan Leaf

12:00am Thursday 28th November 2013

GOVERNMENT support for electric cars appears to be failing to spark off real interest from drivers, according to a survey of more than 3,000 motorists.

Bond baddie's new wheels are a tall order

The Northern Echo: Richard Kiel behind the wheel of his Voyager

7:52pm Tuesday 26th November 2013

IT was no big deal finding a car for seven-foot American actor Richard Kiel when he arrived in the UK for a personal appearance tour, thanks to Chrysler UK. The car brand simply loaned him a Grand Voyager people carrier – the world’s best-selling MPV.

New Polestar will shake-up Volvo's sensible image

The Northern Echo: Still think Volvos are boring? New Polestar will make you think again

7:41pm Tuesday 26th November 2013

VOLVO, that most sensible of car manufacturers, is synonymous with safety.

Go large with the 500L

The Northern Echo: Fiat 500L

12:26pm Tuesday 26th November 2013

FIAT’S 500 has overdone it on the steroids. I give you the 500L.

Citroen’s Picasso in the frame

The Northern Echo: Citroen C4 Picasso

12:21pm Tuesday 26th November 2013

IT’S the people carrier with added French flair. We look at the rather smart-looking C4 Picasso.

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