REMEMBER, remember, the fear of November. The new hunting season has begun and I am urging people to call on their MP and the Government to remember all of the cruel and barbaric practices that the Hunting Act was meant to outlaw and show a renewed commitment to the hunting ban by addressing the failings in the legislation.

Since the ban, hunts have been regularly flouting the law by using fox-based scents and sending dogs into areas where foxes are known to live under the guise of trail hunting. This virtually guarantees an “accident”.

This animal abuse can be resolved by amending the Hunting Act to include a reckless behaviour clause by making it an offence to “cause or permit a dog to hunt, attack, injure or kill a wild mammal”.

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That removes the possibility of an accident being used as a defence, and removes the need for intent to be proved in court.

Name supplied, County Durham.