TIME passes fast and, believe it or not, it is 50 years ago this year since the Rolling Stones played two shows at the Rialto Theatre in York as part of their 1964 UK tour.

It is important that we keep a proper record of this great band and I am in the process of compiling a people’s history of The Stones and I am appealing for your your help.

I’m sure you must have readers who were at one of those concerts half a century ago and, if any of them would like to share their memories of one of the concerts, I’d love to hear all about it. It would be great to hear who they went with, what they remember of the gig, and whether they enjoyed it. Were the band on form?

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What was the atmosphere at the Rialto like? I can be contacted via email at richardmhoughton @gmail.com or by letter at 32 Manor Avenue, Preston, PR2 8DN.

Richard Houghton