The Headline Challenge 2014

9:40am Thursday 17th April 2014

The Headline Challenge is played out every week day between The Northern Echo and BBC Tees. You can play along by following @echopeterbarron and @alibrownlee on Twitter.

Introducing Fidgety Bridget Wrigglesworth

10:15am Wednesday 16th April 2014

Stocks of my latest children's book, Fidgety Bridget Wrigglesworth, have arrived today so I'm wriggling with excitement.

Time for Tony the Fridge to chill

The Northern Echo: Time for Tony the Fridge to chill

6:38pm Monday 14th April 2014

WHEN it comes to raising money for worthy causes, the North-East is blessed with countless people who are willing to go the extra mile. This is a region with a big heart.

The mum who fought the law

The Northern Echo: WELL DONE MUM: Pat Gibson gets a kiss from her son David in 1995 after she was named Darlington’s first Citizen of the Year

11:20am Monday 14th April 2014

MICHAEL Gibson just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In April 1992, he and his younger brother, David, were walking along High Row, in Darlington town centre, when they were approached by three youths.

Finding the mum who changed the law

7:01pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Twitter is an amazing thing....

Out of step - and out of Government

7:38pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

It is not a surprise that Maria Miller has resigned as Culture Secretary - just that it was so long coming given that the controversy surrounding her expenses claim had become what is known in political circles as "toxic".

A mother who fought to scrap an absurd law

7:09pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

It is 20 years this week since one of The Northern Echo's most important campaigns took shape.

On course for a starring role

7:11pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

THE spectacular development of Rockliffe Hall, near Darlington, has been a huge boost to the southern end of our region in recent years and The Northern Echo is delighted to again be the media partner for the English senior Open in the summer.

How the udder half live

5:36pm Monday 7th April 2014

There are probably people out there who think that being a press photographer is a glamorous job. Well, think again.

A spot of sun after the storm

The Northern Echo: RISING SUN: Before and after

9:52am Monday 7th April 2014

A FEW rays of sunshine make all the difference, don’t they? With winter behind us, spring in the air, the crocuses joyously exploding, and the inevitable pictures of gambolling lambs flocking to our newsdesk, it’s my favourite time of year.

A bad attitude towards establishing the uncomfortable truth

6:56pm Thursday 3rd April 2014

WHEN the MPs' expenses scandal unfolded, it was more than just the financial skullduggery which angered people all over the country. It was the holier than thou attitude of some MPs towards the issue which heightened public outrage.

The sweet smell of educational success

6:24pm Tuesday 1st April 2014

WHEN Education Secretary Michael Gove said last year that he could "smell defeatism" in North-East schools, The Northern Echo took him to task.

Turning the tide

10:13am Tuesday 1st April 2014

It is fair to say there has been a strong reaction to our new syndicated weather panel.

Tragedy behind the headlines

The Northern Echo: ROAD BLOCK: Police close the A66 near Middlesbrough following the horrific attack on a man found wandering along the road

12:54pm Monday 31st March 2014

AS March comes to an end, I want to reflect on the story which attracted more interest than any other news item published by The Northern Echo during the month.

Countdown to Yorkshire history

5:52pm Thursday 27th March 2014

The Tour De France, the greatest cycle race on the planet, is coming to Yorkshire. We know it's happening but it has felt like a fantasy.

How to tackle a football manager who bans the press

8:54pm Wednesday 26th March 2014

Regular readers will know that my blood boils when petty-minded, power-mad football club bosses resort to banning journalists from doing their jobs during disagreements. But beware the local paper scorned...

A knockout occasion

The Northern Echo: LOCAL HERO: Citizen of the Year Lol Degnan is interviewed by Peter Barron as Mayor Charles Johnson looks on

11:44am Monday 24th March 2014

BOXING is not to everyone’s taste but it was the dominant theme at the Best of Darlington Awards on Friday night. As always, it was an honour to compere the awards, which highlight everything that’s good about the town and its people.

George calls the numbers to win the election

6:48pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

There was good news for the North-East in today's Budget - notably the energy tax breaks which will help heavy industry and some of the region's biggest employers.

A missing apostrophe and wildlife playing pool

3:18pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

We should never underestimate the importance of the comma...

Out of the mouths of babes...

12:22pm Wednesday 19th March 2014

You might not believe this but it's the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth.

Somebody to be proud of - our chief reporter

11:10am Tuesday 18th March 2014

Our Teesside chief reporter, Graeme Hetherington, is a chunky lad, though few would describe him as the body beautiful.

In harmony with Heroes

The Northern Echo: EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTION: Northern Echo editor Peter Barron on compere duty on Saturday

11:23am Monday 17th March 2014

SATURDAYS are usually the one day of the week to be reserved for family time and catching up at home. But I couldn’t resist the request to help with the Harmonies For Heroes event at Richmond School at the weekend.

Riding high as a true Local Hero

10:55am Monday 10th March 2014

EVERY now and again, in the midst of all the stresses and strains, something happens which makes it all worthwhile...

Making it work in Darlington

The Northern Echo: Making it work in Darlington

6:48pm Friday 7th March 2014

Darlington gave the world the railways. It built the rudder for Titanic. It constructed world-famous bridges. It made its name with the things it made.

Under blameless new management - but there can be no more chances for Cleveland Police

6:34pm Wednesday 5th March 2014

After 41 months, Operation Sacristy, the corruption investigation into Cleveland Police, has drawn the conclusion that there will be no further criminal charges.

Recycling inequality

5:36pm Tuesday 4th March 2014

You can always tell there's a general election approaching when political leaders start to use those magic words "tax cuts".

Making it all worthwhile

The Northern Echo: Paul Conway riding back to health

8:51pm Monday 3rd March 2014

Every now and again, something happens which makes it all worthwhile...

Pardew charged - but how hard will the book be thrown?

The Northern Echo: Pardew charged - but how hard will be book be thrown?

7:07pm Monday 3rd March 2014

It was, of course, a mere formality that the Football Association would charge Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew with improper conduct.

Spitting mad over Mr Rooney

12:08pm Monday 3rd March 2014

AT 82, my mum likes a good rant and thesubjects which have had her spitting mad over the past week have included tattoos, nose-rings, and Wayne Rooney.

The dream can come true for Sunderland

The Northern Echo: The dream can come true for Sunderland

6:19pm Friday 28th February 2014

The North-East hasn't exactly been overwhelmed with success when it comes to football silverware.

A promising start to an important campaign

7:30pm Monday 24th February 2014

LAST week, The Northern Echo launched an appeal to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War by raising £100,000 for a Help For Heroes recovery centre at Catterick Garrison.

The way to an editor’s heart is...

The Northern Echo: Ethel Gibbons and reporter Dan King in 2005

10:45am Monday 24th February 2014

IT was a pleasure last week to officially open the charity shop at Northland Methodist Church, in Darlington, and there were a number of key factors involved in my decision to agree to do the honours.

Striking a chord in the orchestra pit

The Northern Echo: Durham Police Band

6:48pm Friday 21st February 2014

IT is 30 years since the miners' strike - and still the bitterness runs deep. So deep, in fact, that a theatrical production has been dragged into the lingering controversy.

£100,000 appeal - in honour of the soldiers who died 100 years ago

6:14pm Tuesday 18th February 2014

THE Northern Echo has been determined from the outset to do justice to the 100th anniversary of the First World War. It is a milestone of huge significance. It is not something to be celebrated. But it must be properly marked.

Sowing the seeds for 100 years

2:08pm Monday 17th February 2014

A PRIORITY for The Northern Echo this year is to do justice to the centenary of the First World War. This is a milestone of extraordinary significance and it must be properly remembered.

Bridging the generations with sunflowers

The Northern Echo: Bridging the generations with sunflowers

12:23pm Thursday 13th February 2014

A PRIORITY for The Northern Echo in 2014 is to do justice to the centenary of the First World War.

The soccer star and the apprentice

11:16am Monday 10th February 2014

ALWAYS be nice to those on the way up because you never know when you might need them on the way down.

No winners in William Roache's acquittal

7:38pm Thursday 6th February 2014

ON the steps of Preston Crown Court, after being cleared of rape and sexual assualt charges, Coronation Street star William Roache was right when he declared: "In these situations, there are no winners."

We must not forget Danny

The Northern Echo: Help police find the driver

5:50pm Tuesday 4th February 2014

IT is three months today since three-year-old Danny Wake was hit by a vehicle and killed in a Darlington street. He had been into town to collect an Argos catalogue so he could choose his Christmas presents.

Bending the rules on service

2:29pm Monday 3rd February 2014

WHATEVER the business, you need to bend over backwards when it comes to customer service. And with that in mind, I feel compelled to report a cracking little example of how not to do it.

A decision which undermines public confidence in the law

6:41pm Friday 31st January 2014

The decision not to prosecute a North-East police officer, who drove at 140 miles per hour on the A1 to demonstrate the power of his car to a prisoner, has been upheld by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Things not to say in a primary school staff room...

The Northern Echo: Reading my book Black-toothed Ruth Black with the pupils

8:10pm Thursday 30th January 2014

SO there I was, at Hardwick Primary School, near Stockton, this morning after delivering a story-writing workshop for the pupils.

Shame of the 140mph idiots

9:08pm Tuesday 28th January 2014

Speeding has been a major talking point in the North-East lately.

Cruel theft inspires community spirit

6:37pm Monday 27th January 2014

It is frequently the case that bad news inspires good news and that has certainly been the case after news spread about a particularly despicable crime in our area.

It’s a wee lesson I’ll not forget

The Northern Echo: Florence Easton

11:11am Monday 27th January 2014

THANK YOU to all those who have been in touch to say how much they enjoyed Strictly Musicals, which raised valuable funds for charity. The feedback to the show, organised by Darlington’s Mayor, Charles Johnson, at the Civic Theatre, has been extraordinary, and there is no doubt that Darlington Operatic Society’s star is on the rise.

Shoes sorry now

The Northern Echo: Shoes sorry now

11:14am Monday 27th January 2014

It's been resolved now so I won't name the shop in question, but I've had an interesting customer services experience over the weekend.

The 140mph policeman - and a decision that can't be justified

The Northern Echo: Today's front page

5:21pm Friday 24th January 2014

OUR exclusive story about how a North-East police officer drove at speeds of up to 140 mph to demonstrate the power of his car to a prisoner has caused quite a stir today.

Let us fill the skills gap

6:45pm Thursday 23rd January 2014

IF the North-East is to fulfil its potential and rebalance its economy away from an over-reliance on the public sector - as David Cameron has declared it must - there is a skills gap which must be filled.

Seeing a little more clearly...

10:40am Monday 20th January 2014

THOSE who know me well will testify that I’m not very good at dealing with illness. I have a notoriously low pain threshold and I make medical mountains from molehills.

Staging a charitable comeback

12:12pm Monday 13th January 2014

ONE of the great personal joys of the past couple of years has come from getting involved with Darlington Operatic Society.

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