Are you a supporter of EVEL?

The Northern Echo:

6:04pm Friday 24th April 2015

IF you ever ponder how to make the country more “democratic and accountable”, do you think of devolving powers away from London to this region?

How a computer game very nearly ruined my life

The Northern Echo: FOOTBALL: Reds win again in cup

9:00am Friday 24th April 2015

THEY say that if you remember the 1960s, then you weren’t there.

Are you sure you're ready to do this job sir....?

The Northern Echo:

5:39pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

IMAGINE someone turning up to a job interview scruffily dressed, clutching a CV with alarming blanks and dodging questions about how he or she would do the job.

Education – the election issue that no one dares mention

The Northern Echo: VISION: Former Education Secretary Michael Gove who is seen as the main architect of the free school movement

4:01pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

IT was a policy so important to Tony Blair that he name-checked it three times, telling voters his priorities were “education, education, education”.

Why candidates should be whiter than chalky white

2:30pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

I’VE been hosting two husting this week, one in Redcar and the other in Darlington, in the run up to the casting of ballots on May 7. The candidates were reasonably well behaved but none of them, disappointingly, was dressed in white.

Headline Challenge - the year so far in quirky headlines

The Northern Echo:

6:10pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

The Headline Challenge is played out every week day between The Northern Echo and BBC Tees. You can play along by following @echopeterbarron and @alibrownlee on Twitter.

Harry Mead: A Labour-SNP coalition is frightening

The Northern Echo:

2:05pm Wednesday 22nd April 2015

RARELY much in sympathy with anything ‘Tory’ – as long-time readers will know – I nevertheless find myself irritated almost to boiling point by the most frequently-reiterated anti-Tory phrase during this bitter General Election.

Who's got the best offer on childcare?

The Northern Echo:

5:47pm Wednesday 22nd April 2015

WHILE the war-of-words about the SNP peril still raged, it was a day when bread-and-butter issues – childcare, cancer care and public-sector pay – came to the fore.

Ban the bomb? You must be mad

6:19pm Tuesday 21st April 2015

PLEASE let’s go back to the old way of doing things. I mean, let the Prime Minister of the day call the General Election when he sees fit.

Time for the soap box, Mr Cameron?

The Northern Echo:

5:49pm Tuesday 21st April 2015

WHEN Sir John Major gave his stark warning about the SNP threat today, he also sparked memories of the last outright Conservative election victory.

She's King Herod, she's Attila the Hun, she's Lady Macbeth, she's.....Nicola Sturgeon!

The Northern Echo:

6:04pm Monday 20th April 2015

WITH the SNP still surging in the polls, one man was on a mission to find the most, er, colourful description of the party’s all-conquering leader.

Once upon a time there was a Little White Bus….

The Northern Echo:

11:06am Monday 20th April 2015

THE Corpse Way stretches, lugubriously, the 12 miles from Keld to Grinton, in Swaledale. Since Grinton was the nearest consecrated ground, 18th Century mourners would carry the body in a wicker basket, periodically stopping for liquid refreshment. The funeral procession could take an awfully long time.

Did Nigel "lose his rag"....and, if so, why?

The Northern Echo:

5:26pm Friday 17th April 2015

IN the fall-out from last night’s “challengers” TV debate, Nigel Farage spent much of the day denying he had “lost his rag” when he attacked the BBC.

Invisible women

The Northern Echo: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looks on as former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton gives a speech during a reception co-hosted by the Royal Foundation and the Clinton Foundation at British Consul General's Residence in New York to recognise the wo

10:35am Friday 17th April 2015

ANNEGRET Raunigk is clearly bonkers. Not to mention selfish and irresponsible. But she’s certainly changing the image of older women. An achievement she shares, improbably, with Hillary Clinton.

A good time to celebrate records

The Northern Echo: Vinyl sales soar past million mark

4:31pm Friday 17th April 2015

TODAY is Record Store Day, where independent music stores in the UK come together and celebrate their existence.

The new, Blukip?

The Northern Echo:

5:34pm Thursday 16th April 2015

WITH all the manifestos published and digested, there was time to examine which policies were a hit with the voters – and whether any party can get that elusive ‘bounce’?

The whole tooth about elections

12:23pm Thursday 16th April 2015

AN abscess, or a "poisonous pocket of pus" as my alliterative dentist described it, curtailed my coverage of David Cameron's campaign visit to Stockton South on Monday.

Difference in spending is 'staggering' between Tories and Labour

11:01am Thursday 16th April 2015

IT’S a funny old election campaign when we have the Conservatives making fantasy spending pledges… while Labour hints at fantasy cuts.

Choc and awe

The Northern Echo:

10:39am Thursday 16th April 2015

IN my last column, I asked for examples of the little white lies parents tell their children. One reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted me with a real belter.

The night our football writers danced in tutus

The Northern Echo:

7:34pm Wednesday 15th April 2015

THE death of Irish crooner Ronnie Carroll was reported this week and prompted a memory from Darlington and Stockton Times deputy editor and Darlington Football Club fan Andy Brown. During one of the Quakers' recurring cash crises, this time in the early eighties, there was a fundraising campaign to raise £50,000 to ensure the club’s survival. The appeal was backed by the Evening Despatch and The Northern Echo. One of the fundraisers was a variety concert at the Civic Theatre. Among the ‘attractions’ was a dance performance, in tutus, by, among others, Despatch and Echo football writers Dave Lewis and Jim Gilchrist. Top of the bill was Ronnie Carroll. His most famous hit was Roses are Red, and he twice represented the UK at Eurovision, in 1962 and 1963, with Ring-A-Ding Girl and Say Wonderful Things, finishing fourth both times. The £50,000 was raised and Quakers lived to fight another day.


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