Taking the stress out of life

Taking the stress out of life

Can you see the difference?

Can you see the difference?

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I hope you're all doing really well with your weight loss journey so far and you've had a great week. I lost another 2lb this week so am very happy.

It's been a really tough week as I've been away from home staying with my parents in law.

It would have been so easy for my husband and I to go back to old habits but we knew how far back we could go if we did.

So we planned ahead and took all our own food with us so that we could keep on track.

There were a couple of days where things didn't quite go to plan.

We went into town one day and decided to get a jacket potato from the van. I asked for Tuna and sweet corn not realising it came with mayonnaise.

We were away from the van by the time we sat down to eat so instead of worrying about it, I just cut back on other treats for the week.

On the whole, it turned out to be a good week.

Unfortunately, an incident that happened on the Monday evening almost jeopardised my good week. It resulted in me having a really bad panic attack as we travelled home.

When I have a bad attack, it usually results in me being very weepy with no energy for the next couple of days. It's also a time when I would turn to comfort foods like chocolate. I would demolish a large bar of Dairy Milk in one go.

Fortunately, my Husband wouldn't let it happen.

I still don't feel 100% and my chest and muscles ache due to the panic, but thankfully, I'm still on track with my weight loss and aiming for another 2lb this week.

In this day and age, stress seems to be all around us, be it work, family, money and even ill health. It can have a major impact on your weight loss.

Try and find a way to combat stress when it creeps in to your daily life. Even half an hour of "me" time can make all the difference. A great way to combat stress is to take up an exercise, be it swimming, kick boxing or zumba.

Not only does it help with the stress, it helps with the weight loss too.

I personally like to take time out and put on a meditation cd, my oil burner with a vanilla, lavender or holly berry fragrance and some candles. I can then sit and relax. What do you do to de-stress?

The Secret Of My Success

People keep asking me what is the secret of my success so far. To be honest with you, it's been a number of things. I've made a list below which hopefully will help inspire you to keep going. I've also included the pictures of where I started as to where I am now. That also helps keep me on track as there's no way I ever want to go back to where I started from.

1. The love and support from Dawn who is my Consultant and Friend.

2. The love and support from other group members and also seeing their success too.

3. Seeing my confidence grow.

4. Knowing I'll be able to shop anywhere rather than shops for bigger sizes that cost the earth.

5. Being to eat healthy meals that still taste fantastic. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all.

6. Seeing and hearing people's reactions when they see how much weight I've lost.

7. Not giving myself a hard time if I do fall off the plan from time to time.

8. Planning ahead. I always have my shopping planned on a week to week basis. If this isn't as easy for you, try and plan at least a day ahead that way you're less likely to fail.

I've included a menu of what I will be eating today

2 Apples and a Banana chopped up with a muller light vanilla yogurt
1 light cereal bar
1 cup of bovril (I don't like tea or coffee)

1 Jacket Potato with baked beans and cajun spice with 45g of grated mozzarella cheese and a side salad

Large Stir Fry with lean turkey pieces, rice, oxo and cajun spice

Throughout the day they will include carrot sticks, fruit and muller light yogurts if needed.

They will include bovril and Strawberry and Kiwi water.

A treat will be either a curly wurly from the freezer or a packet of Velvet Crunch Crisps.

I hope this gives you an incite into what keeps me motivated and on track. I have to say that so far I have found it easy but at the same time, you can only get out of it what you put in to it. Let's all make that extra effort this week. No more half hearted attempts, lets give it our all and see the results next week. I know I'm going to but will you?

See you lighter next week, Love Wendy xxx

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