David finds a drunk, upset Leyla sitting in a puddle of oil, which would be a pathetic spectacle even if she wasn't wearing a ruined wedding dress that she can't afford to pay for. David is so touched by this tragic sight, he offers to help her out of her financial predicament as well as the oil slick. But will he still look like such a good Samaritan when he then arrives at Tracy's birthday party and publicly announces that he's just handed their holiday fund to his ex?

Meanwhile, Megan and Vanessa wonder if Leyla sees David as a more than just a wallet and a shoulder to cry on.

Elsewhere, Debbie is also in need of someone to bail her out, and it looks like a handsome, rich new client might just fit the bill...

Daz risks outstaying his welcome when he fails to fix the salon's false tan machine, but spraying Bernice and Kerry orange might be the least of his problems when Elliot finds his army knife.

Aaron is concerned when Liv turns up at Mill Cottage, but his sister is more interested in finding out what happened between him and Robert.


As the residents try to come to terms with the events of Walford in Bloom and one local struggles with their guilt, it may seem like good news that Kush is looking to the future by asking Denise to move in with him.

Sadly though, she says no, and he storms off and ends up collapsing from a suspected cardiac arrest. Denise blames herself for his condition, but will he pull through or are in we for another tragedy?

Meanwhile, Bernadette wants to say goodbye to her baby, and is angry when Karen goes to the hospital alone. Shirley later gives Karen an idea about how she can support her daughter, but will that be forgotten when she spots Bernadette with Callum and realises he's the father?

With so many of the residents grieving, it's not a particularly good time for Fi to plan a champagne reception at the Vic to show Grafton Hill's support for the community, and the backlash begins right when the mayor arrives to make a speech.

Meanwhile, Michelle is frustrated by Tom's persistence and Linda continues to toy with the idea of leaving Mick.

Coronation Street

Faye and Seb have done a runner, and Anna is even more stunned when she sees what state he's living in with his twin siblings.

Meanwhile, it looks like Phelan's nefarious activities may be discovered when he bundles Andy into his van... and crashes. With Pat out cold, his reluctant cellar dweller makes a run for it, while a gloriously oblivious Eileen and Nicola head for Pat's house of horrors for a look around.

Over at the Rovers, Jacqui, the surrogate, calls in for her meeting with Peter and Toyah, and turns on her heel when Jon from the brewery causes a scene over Barlow's alcoholism and Steve and Leanne's love child.

Psycho Will lets himself into Robert's flat and flicks through some snaps of Michelle, while Gary considers yet another Ukrainian job. And would you Adam and Eva it? With their closeness raising Maria's suspicions, you wonder how long it will be before Ms Price's fake pregnancy is exposed.