JULY was one of the best months in Walford for some time, with twitchy Steven winning the Norman Bates award for soapland's creepiest voyeur.

During the latest trip to EastEnders (BBC One), psycho Steven panics when Lauren forces him to go to the hospital, leaving a smug Abi with Louie. Bonkers Beale attempts to buy himself some time and as they wait to see someone, he desperately calls Abi for help.

Meanwhile, the Carters struggle to get their heads around the latest changes made to The Vic. Then Whitney shows up leaving Mick even more gobsmacked, while Shirley is furious when he offers Whit her job back. Then comes the bombshell: Whitney's engaged to Woody. How will Mick react to the news and just what will come out when he has a heart-to-heart with Whitney before the engagement party?

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Elsewhere, the police go to arrest Karen in the case of Arthur's stolen bench. Will Keanu own up to being the culprit?

Meanwhile, in Emmerdale (ITV), Lawrence really isn't looking forward to telling Chrissie the truth about 'Simon', so in theory he should be relieved when Lachlan tells him he doesn't have to worry about Tim any more. But like most things that Lachlan says, it sounds rather sinister - and with good reason, as the teen and Gerry have kidnapped Tim and are keeping him gagged and bound in an outbuilding.

When the abductors later take off the gag, Tim screams loud enough to attract Lawrence and Chrissie's attention, and the whole, terrible truth finally comes out.

But how will Chrissie and Ronnie react to Tim's story - and the fact that Lawrence doesn't deny it?

Elsewhere, Aaron insists it's too late for Robert to win him back (although we've heard that before), while Adam worries his friend is self-harming again.

Laurel digs for information on Emma, but underestimates the nurse's powers of manipulation, Rhona thinks Paddy is being overprotective, and Debbie reads something unflattering in Sarah's diary. Serves her right for looking.

Serial husband Steve McDonald wants to tie the knot again in Coronation Street (ITV) - yep, you guessed it, with Leanne.

The pair have been getting on like a house on fire lately, and when she admits that the situation at the Rovers is impossible, he invites her to move in with him so that they can share parenting duties.

Initially sceptical about the idea, Leanne eventually agrees and starts to warm to her new housemate - but she's still shocked when he pops the question. In fact, she storms out of the house and goes to the pub, where Toyah and Eva make fun of Steve. Leanne gets all defensive about him - so could love blossom between the pair after all?

Robert agrees to pay off Chesney to the price of £5k, but struggles to raise the money, Michelle becomes aware she is being followed, and Dev ruins Kevin's chances of selling the garage.