THERE was a time when it seemed unlikely we'd ever see a Battersby with their name above the Rovers' door (Coronation Street, ITV). But that's exactly what happens this week, and Toyah is hoping it will be a fresh start in more ways than one as she tells Peter she has a good feeling about her upcoming pregnancy test.

Unfortunately, it seems her boyfriend has decided to play a different game of happy families as he discovers Nick has sold the flat, leaving Toyah, Simon and Oliver homeless - and invites them all to move in.

Elsewhere, Michelle feels so bad about Chesney's stabbing that she gives him £200 - which doesn't go down well with Robert, especially when Gemma and Adam insists it's an admission of guilt and that Chesney should use for thousands. To add to the strain, bookings are down at the bistro and Michelle discovers someone has sprayed 'RIP' on the wall, but the situation is about to get even worse...

Todd and Billy are given new hope about Summer, Gina's financial problems mount, and Bethany panics at the thought of giving evidence against Nathan and Neil.

As the residents come to terms with the events of last week, Lauren is still struggling to take in the news about Steven's 'tumour' in EastEnders (BBC1).

She urges him to tell Ian - perhaps so she doesn't have to be the sole source of support for her already clingy boyfriend - and when Steven then calls a family meeting, she hopes he's about to come clean. Meanwhile, Abi suspects the gathering is really Steven's way of humiliating his girlfriend as publicly as possible, meaning both sisters are in for a huge shock when he instead proposes to Lauren...

In other Branning news, Max finds what he needs in Carmel's files, but continues to spend time with her as he takes her out on a secret date.

Mick faces a dilemma after Fi points out that Shirley scares away more customers than she serves, Vincent and Kush's holiday plans are put in jeopardy, and Sonia does her best to get through to Bex, only to then run into a brick wall with Dot, who refuses the nurse's offer of help with her finances.

But the big news is that Phil is finally back in Albert Square.

As Pierce's trial gets underway in Emmerdale (ITV), Rhona is relieved to learn that the sex tape won't be used as evidence, but nothing else seems to be going her way. She struggles with the questioning, while a nervous Vanessa's failure to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth looks like it could have scuppered the case.

By contrast, Pierce is doing a brilliant job of pretending to be the injured party - although his mask slips when he's with Martha. But when Rhona corners him in a side room and forces him to face up to enormity of his crime, will his act finally start to falter?

Elsewhere, Charity notices that Megan still seems uncomfortable around Frank, while Priya tells Pete she thinks she might be pregnant before taking a test - that Leyla subsequently finds.

Robert hits rock bottom - and the floor - when he gets drunk and falls down the stairs, forcing Rebecca to take him to hospital, while Gerry arranges a birthday surprise for Lachlan in the shape of a laxative-laced drink.

Cain considers doling out his own brand of justice to Harriet's attackers and Laurel is suspicious of Emma's new-found religion.

Who'd choose to live in a soap town, really? Let's face it, there's far too much drama day-to-day. So it may come as a surprise to learn that, this week, Steph (Neighbours, C5) enters Erinsbrough into a "Most Liveable Suburb" competition. Sure, if you can stand the frequent adultery, family feuds, drug abuse, kidnapping, deaths, health scares, hit-and-runs, financial ruin and marital breakdowns, then the sunny climate at least is rather agreeable. And Steph does manage to bond with Jack while they draft the application together, so it might not be a complete waste of time.

Elsewhere, Clive and Sheila endure an awkward trip around an art gallery, Piper's online stalker widens their net to include other Ramsay Street residents - culminating in a dramatic raid by an armed police response unit - and Aaron and David begin to rekindle their relationship, only for a surprise visitor to throw a spanner in the works. Still fancy moving to Erinsbrough?