IT'S the week of the Walford prom in EastEnders (BBC1) and Shakil still hasn't asked Bex to be his date, while Louise is horrified to discover that someone else is planning to wear the same dress as her.

However, the teens would no doubt be even more nervous if they knew Keegan and Alexandra were plotting to ruin the night. Is someone going to end up covered in pig's blood in an homage to the horror classic Carrie, or have the pair got something even worse in mind?

Abi discovers the truth about Steven's shocking 'news' and urges him to come clean to Lauren. However, when he hears his girlfriend telling Josh that she wants to give their relationship another chance, Steven decides to stick with the lies...

Speaking of dastardly plans, Max's suffers a setback when Ian pulls out of the chippy sale after discovering the identity of the buyer, and Carmel later catches him taking a sneaky look at her council planning files...

Meanwhile, it's a rough week for Robbie as Dot takes exception to him selling her furniture and Mr Lister gives him an ultimatum regarding the market.

You really can't trust Adam Baldwin as far as you can throw him (Coronation Street, ITV), but Eva thinks he may hold the key to her taking revenge on Aidan for cheating on her.

The conniving pair join forces, first to persuade Aidan to sign over the flat he's in the process of buying to Eva, and then Adam comes up with a scheme that should - he hopes - see Aidan hand over his part of the factory to his embittered girlfriend. Is Eva going a little too far? She certainly shows no sign of remorse as she prepares to play the long game...

While David attempts to build bridges with Shona, Craig figures out a way to prove to his superiors that Neil's behaviour is far from befitting of a police officer, bringing an end to Bethany's ordeal in the process.

Nicola demands that Phelan take a DNA test, Brian and Cathy grow ever closer, and Toyah thinks she's pregnant.

As Rhona's court case looms, she needs all the support she can get, but Marlon fears Paddy is a little too keen to be there for his ex-wife (Emmerdale, ITV).

He's not the only one concerned about their relationship as DC Osborne later shows the former couple photos of them embracing and warns that they could be used to back up Pierce's defence in court. Meanwhile, Vanessa is also worried about jeopardising the case as she tells her friend she's been summoned as a witness.

Elsewhere, Debbie is still trying to act like she doesn't care that Ross has arranged for flirty Jools to hold a party at the Woolpack. However, Jools' husband is less successful at containing his jealousy as he lashes out at Ross, but when Debbie later tends his wounds, will she be tempted to offer him a little extra 'comfort'?

Leyla is disappointed when Pete fails to pick up on some big hints that she wants a proposal and pops the question herself. But what will he say - and how will Priya react?

Chrissie meets Tim at a restaurant, unaware of his real identity, Frank fails to make headway with Megan, and Robert vows to sort things out with Aaron - again.

When Terese drops the bombshell that she has cancer (Neighbours, C5), Paige supports her by helping at Lassiter's, and Gary is delighted that Terese wants to bring their wedding date forward.

Leo prepares to reopen the Backpackers and Steph is left fuming. However, she proves a lifesaver after rescuing Jack during a parental meltdown.

Piper is distraught when she realises how many of her private messages have been hacked, and Susan is so worried about Xanthe that Karl fears she is neglecting her health. Thankfully Erinsborough's favourite doc makes an executive decision and books her a holiday.

Toadie finds an apartment for himself and Willow. She realises that her presence is making things worse between the legal eagle and Sonya, especially when she lets the cat out of the bag about the new home.

And while the locals start panicking when Kirsha does a vanishing act, Yashvi turns up late for her date with Evan, causing problems when she has a few drinks at Backpackers.