THERE may only be a handful of stalls, but apparently keeping order on the market is too big a job for one person in EastEnders (BBC1). So, Carmel unveils her new part-time Enforcement Officer, who will strike terror into the hearts of the unruly traders - Robbie Jackson (Dean Gaffney).

He's not the only member of the Jackson clan making waves on the Square this week, as Sonia returns and is horrified to find Dot has been left to lie on the floor alone and in agony after tripping over Dave the cat.

Sonia has a go at the neighbours for not checking up on the pensioner, and then decides to inform Martin that Bex will be living with her from now on. However, Robbie thinks it might be a good idea to ask the teenager what she wants first. Was he always this sensible?

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Elsewhere, there's another blast from the past as Yolande arrives for a birthday catch-up with Patrick and to deliver some worrying news to Derek.

Mick throws himself into planning a surprise 40th birthday party for Linda, but sadly not all of the shocks will be pleasant ones.

Well, the truth had to come out sometime - in fact, we're surprised that Maria and Aidan have managed to keep their relationship a secret for so long in Coronation Street (ITV).

Aidan had just decided to come clean anyway, but his hopes of breaking the news gently are shattered when Eva finds the lovers together at her flat - a half-dressed Maria does try to hide, but to no avail. The fact that Eva is also pregnant makes the situation even more awkward, and leaves Aidan with a dilemma - does he follow his heart by starting a new life with Maria, or face up to his responsibilities and settle down with Eva for the sake of their baby?

Elsewhere, Michelle offers to help Robert buy Nick's share of the bistro, but a blast from his past threatens any thought of running a successful business.

Phelan tries to get closer to Nicola, who becomes increasingly suspicious of his intentions towards her.

In Emmerdale (ITV), it seems some of the villagers are still under the impression that Pierce is a decent guy - until Rhona puts them straight this week by revealing exactly what he did to her.

But while she now has the neighbours' support, Rhona is still feeling vulnerable, especially when someone leaves a message on her mirror - and a pile of empty pill packets on her table. So, when Paddy and Marlon discover Leo playing unsupervised outside and Rhona clutching the blister packs, will they believe she is being stalked or just assume she's suffered a relapse?

Elsewhere, Arthur is worried about who will look after him if anything happens to Laurel - and strangely, the news that Nicola is being lined up as his guardian doesn't put his mind at rest. So, he turns to Ashley's video instead, and is stunned to see the footage of Emma manipulating his ailing dad...

Debbie considers admitting that she still has feelings for Ross, Pete and Leyla get their spark back, much to Priya's disgust, and Tracy realises there could be a reason behind Josh's anti-social behaviour.

There's a ray of sunshine in Terese's darkness as her biopsy results indicate she is in the clear in Neighbours (Channel 5).

Of course this being doom-laden Erinsborough, she's right to be wary. Little wonder her brief moment of happiness is soon wrecked by bad news from Karl.

Meanwhile, Sonya manages to avoid getting locked up, but if Toadie thinks he can patch things up with her, she soon sets him straight on that front. To avoid hitting the bottle, she turns to DIY, but when her decorating proves disastrous and she tries to hide it from Toadie, he proves very understanding.

Elsewhere, a familiar face from Leo's past shows up and he gets him a room at the motel, but the relative stranger is obviously hiding something. Steph soon smells a rat when spots a dubious character with the newcomer.

Plus, a stroke leaves Finn 'paralysed', and Xanthe is forced to testify in court when Finn claims no memory of his confession. But is he really disabled? Mark and Karl think not, so they devise a test to see if Finn is faking it.