Piers Morgan isn't a man to shy away from airing his views, as Gemma Dunn finds out when she sits down for a coffee with the opinionated presenter

Getting up at 3.15am never gets easier, according to Piers Morgan.

"It basically slowly kills you!" quips the Good Morning Britain presenter, sinking a coffee shortly after coming off air.

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Having switched his staple suit and tie for a more casual jeans and tee combo, 52-year-old Morgan, knackered or not, is ever the unflappable professional.

And while he's here to talk about the return of his hit ITV show, Killer Women, he can't help but share his opinion on a myriad of subject matters.

Here, he talks us through his thoughts on everything from Brexit and feminism to playing matchmaker.

Piers on...filming Killer Women

"You're slightly apprehensive, because you know what they're capable of. There's one in particular who probably tried to kill her first husband, definitely tried to frenziedly stab her second husband to death and then stabs her lover's girlfriend to death...She came in with three heavily armed police officers. I've never seen that before, never. So they were clearly apprehensive about her. It's like meeting a female Hannibal Lecter and you're sitting two feet away and thinking, 'She's got nothing to lose, at all'."

Piers on...being kept in check on GMB

"They're pretty good. I think they've just learnt to let me do my thing. You've got to remember that it's kind of controlled anarchy. I've posted over 100,000 tweets and I've never been sued over any of them. I never got successfully sued at the Daily Mirror in 10 years, by anyone going to court and winning court action against me, so I do know where the line is drawn."

Piers on...on co-host, Susanna Reid

"She is a perfect foil for me, so I can shout and scream and rant and rave and then she always brings it to a slightly more serious vein and calms everything down. Quite often, if I soften people up, she's actually the most lethal person on the anchor leg because she'll come in and when they think it's all calmed down, she skewers them with facts. So she's very professional and she's great to work with - we have great fun."

Piers on...playing cupid

"I don't think [Susanna] wants any advice on her romantic entanglements from me. Although she did tell me her preferred choice of man was 6ft 2ins, tattooed and former military or current military. I am in a military family, I am 6ft 1in, nearly 6ft 2, I haven't got any tattoos but that can be arranged. If I get a nice tattoo, I seem to be ticking every box here."

Piers on...being opinionated

"A lot of people in TV are quite reluctant to give their opinions. I am not reluctant at all - I would rather just say exactly what I think and just hope it resonates with people. It normally does, normally I've got a fair idea of what most people are thinking. Normally. And I don't worry about people being offended all the time - we're in the 'offence era', where everyone is offended by absolutely everything. And you know what? You can have proper, vigorous debate about stuff without just being constantly offended. It's fine."

Piers on...maintaining a stiff upper lip

"We got blitzed for nine months in WWII. This city was under siege, well look at it now! The Nazis never beat us, the IRA didn't beat us and these Jihadi idiots aren't going to beat us. It's apprehensive for a new generation that have never had to deal with this. But my advice is carry on with your normal lives. If you start rationalising where and when they may try another attack, you would never leave your front door. And then it might be your house - so just get on with your life. Normality is their enemy. I feel angry as well. I think we've got to be angry with the politicians and the security forces, we've got to be on their case all the time to try and stop these attacks happening."

Piers on...political aspirations

"I would be a good negotiator. I actually think they need people like me and Alan Sugar, because I'm not sure I entirely trust politicians. Trump is a good deal maker. I suspect he'll do some pretty good deals for America, because that's what he does. He may not be that likeable to people and they might find stuff he does offensive, but actually his real stock-in-trade is deal making. Similarly, if you run a daily newspaper for 10 years, like I did, you do lots of deals. So to sit down Jean-Claude Juncker and give him what for, the deal making would be quite fun. I would fancy my chances! If my nation calls for me. Who am I to turn down the nation? I can't imagine that Theresa May is going to ring, but I am ready."

Piers on...fending off Twitter trolls

"Twitter's part of my full-time job. I've got nearly six million followers, which is three times as many people read the Daily Mirror when I used to run it, so I have a beast that has to be fed. My public need me! I only block idiots if they're completely stupid. I tend to block people if they repeatedly tweet me idiotic stuff - like if I get 10 tweets all going, 'I hope you get beheaded by Isis', I'm like 'Alright mate, I am done with you'. But it doesn't get to me, I just think they're boring. The biggest crime for me is to be dull on Twitter. I don't mind people tangling with me, but bear in mind you're not just taking me on, if I respond you've got nearly six million people coming for you, and a lot of these trolls can't handle it."

Piers on...nudity in the name of feminism

"Whether it's Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, and now Amber Rose - it's always the same debate when actually they're not posting it to promote feminism, they're posting nude pictures to make money. There's another word for that, which I am not going to use, but that's what they're doing. It's not about me being prudish, I just don't like it when they frame it as feminism. I actually think it's completely wrong and offensive that they're telling these young girls that the only way to be successful, as a woman, is to strip off. You know, if you're Theresa May, the Prime Minister of this country, that's amazing for feminism. Theresa May hasn't got to strip off to be a successful women - God forbid!"

  • The new series of Killer Women begins on ITV on June 22