THE highly acclaimed Russian State Opera is back in Britain with arguably the most colourful and exotic opera there is, Puccini's Madama Butterfly.

Often described as the perfect tragic opera, Madama Butterfly reaches Billingham's Forum Theatre on Tuesday, October 3. It features an impressive cast and accompanied by a large live orchestra with over 30 musicians.

No opera can match the tragedy and sorrow of Puccini's Madama Butterfly.

This tale of the doomed love of an American naval lieutenant and his young Japanese bride inspired Puccini to write some of his most sublime and beautiful music.

Set in Japan at the turn of the century, Madama Butterfly is among the most colourful and exotic of all operas, and from its theme of noble self-sacrifice spring melodies that grip your heart.

It tells the story of a doomed love affair between an American naval officer and his young Japanese bride, whose self-sacrifice and defiance of her family leads to heartbreak and tragedy.

The premiere of this exquisite production, with its beautiful set and costumes, intensifies the emotion in an already heart-breaking opera.

If you’ve never tried opera before, you will love this full orchestra experience with brand new settings and fantastic costumes, exquisite singing, and those wonderful tunes that the audience will still be humming to themselves on their way home, making this a must- see opera production for everyone.

This touching story of innocent love crushed amidst two utterly different cultures resonates as strongly as ever in today’s world!

  • Russian State Opera's Madama Butterfly, Billingham Forum Theatre, Tuesday, October 3. Tickets on 01642 552 663