He claims to have slept with nearly 1,000 women, but Geordie Shore pin-up and Celebrity Big Brother winner Scotty T admits meeting the love of his life may change his roving ways. He tells Hannah Stephenson why even his mother's come round to his reality TV shenanigans

Sipping his coffee through a straw, thanks to a trip to the dentist which has left him with a whiter, brighter smile, muscle-bound Celebrity Big Brother winner and MTV's Geordie Shore hunk Scotty T is clearly making the most of his time in the spotlight.

So much so that, at the grand old age of 28, the reality TV star has decided to bring out his memoir, A Shore Thing, in which he boasts he's slept with nearly 1,000 women and relays in pretty graphic detail his wild antics, which include having sex on camera, getting 'propa mortal' (aka completely plastered), and nearly getting kicked off the show.

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The book, written colloquially in Geordie-speak and peppered with words like 'cos', 'propa' and 'gunna', is dominated by his misspent youth, sexual shenanigans, criminal dalliances, drunken binges and gross vomiting episodes. Ideal for Geordie Shore fans.

But his image as an outrageous party animal on the reality show was toned down a little when he came out as a more caring, sharing individual in the Big Brother house.

"People could see the real me," he says. "I'm still a bit hyper, but I'm a very calm person. They can't expect me to be completely nuts 24/7.

"My heart's in the right place," he continues. "I may be wild, but I provide for my family and I help people. I'd help my friends if they were struggling for money."

Winning Big Brother has opened doors. He's the face of fashion website boohooMAN.com, presents news on MTV, and is in talks about his own TV show. He's also in the process of moving to Leeds for the next two months, where he'll be performing in panto as Prince Charming in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

Today, dressed in soft pink hoodie, ripped jeans and oversized baseball cap, the blue-eyed boy from Gosforth, Newcastle, fidgets from the moment he sits down, talks at lightning speed and rarely assumes eye contact during our chat, but then he has suffered from ADHD throughout his life.

As a child he caused havoc at school, he recalls.

"I was really hyperactive. My mum and dad couldn't control us. I was diagnosed when I was seven and was taking medication (Ritalin) for 10 years."

The medication helped his concentration at school. He was also a whizz at mathematics, his teachers discovered. But despite quitting the medication, he admits he can't sit still.

"I spoke to a psychiatrist about a year ago who works for Geordie Shore, who diagnosed me with hypermania. I peak when I go hyper, but I never crash. I don't go under."

So what about the claim that he's slept with nearly 1,000 women? "Yeah, it's probably more than that but I don't have a black book and count," he says.

From a middle-class background, Scott Timlin was an only child, the son of a commercial diver on the oil rigs in the North Sea. He went to private school (from which he was removed because of his disruptive behaviour).

At 14, his parents split up, which came as a tremendous shock.

"I used to hear them arguing. Then one day my mum was at Granddad's house and she pulled me to one side and said, 'We're not going to be together any more'," he recalls. "I cried my eyes out for days."

He stayed with his mother, but got into petty crime.

"I got it out of my system, then started doing more sports and going to uni, and became interested in girls," he says.

How does his mother feel about what he gets up to on Geordie Shore, watched by millions?

"My mum is just happy I'm in a job that I've stuck to and am getting paid for," he says. "I've done well for myself off it. She doesn't necessarily agree with everything I do."

What, like having sex on TV?

"At the start, she didn't really like it, but now when she goes to the hairdressers' and people are saying, 'I love Scott, I love Scott', her friends say they love Scott and a lot of people are nice to her, she thinks, 'If he's happy doing it and people like him, then let him do it'. Mum's reaction is, 'Boys will be boys'.

"I've been in relationships and I've never cheated when I've been in them, but when I've got out of them and been heartbroken, I've just gone wild."

He describes his girlfriend, Francesca Toole, as the love of his life, dismissing recent reports that she dumped him after he was pictured visiting a hotel with Katie Price for two hours, although they claim they were simply getting a sunbed.

"Francesca knew I was meeting Katie Price, who's a friend. She had a signing event in Newcastle and we went for a sunbed. I took her and her friend there. I never got dumped. Me and Francesca went through our own personal stuff about work. We had a disagreement but we're fully fine now.

"It's hard for her because she deals with a lot of stuff in the media and she's not the type of girl who wants to be involved in it, but it's just what you sign up for with Scotty T, you can't help but have a bit of drama."

He reflects on the dilemma he has about doing a hit series like Geordie Shore, which could hinder his chances of finding a serious relationship outside that party-lifestyle arena.

"It's harder to have a committed relationship because I spend so much of my time travelling. I want to see her [Francesca] every day but I can't. It's hard, especially if she sees something written about me that isn't true.

"If I'm seeing her, next time I go and film, I'm not going to be sleeping with anyone else."

He says he doesn't regret anything he's done on telly, from having sex to falling out of clubs paralytic.

"At the end of the day, that's what I signed up for. I go on a TV show and I don't regret anything. I think that's why I'm so liked, because I generally don't care how I look or how I come across."

And he has no intention of leaving the show.

Now earning a fortune, he sees his future in television, although he completed two years of a degree in marine engineering at university.

"I'm making as much money now as is humanly possible, so within the next five years, I don't have to work again. Then I might think, 'Right, girlfriend, marriage and loads of kids'. But until then, I'm too busy enjoying myself and making money to be settling down."

  • A Shore Thing by Scotty T is published by Simon & Schuster, priced £16.99. Available now
  • Geordie Shore continues on MTV on Tuesdays