BILLY has always appeared to be an upright member of the community, bringing spiritual guidance and downright common sense to anybody who needed them (Coronation Street, ITV). But it seems he has a secret past...

Apparently his fingerprints have been discovered on a burnt-out car that was used in an armed robbery in 2001. Adam instructs him to say nothing when the police take him in for questioning, but later, he has a confession to make to Todd. The really upsetting part of the entire story is that it may mean that the couple lose poor Summer, who's already had her life turned upside down.

Rana tries to pretend she's excited about her wedding to Zeedan, but a drunken Kate really puts the cat among the pigeons by ringing to tell her she loves her.

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Nicola leaves Weatherfield, so Phelan plots revenge on Anna, who he holds responsible for his daughter's decision. Robert returns from prison but isn't in top shape, Fiz falls out with her friends over the crowdfunding money and Colin suspects that Norris is his father.

In EastEnders (BBC1) Luke has obviously inherited the Willmott-Brown scheming gene - when Phil warns him to stay away from Ben this week after discovering his identity, Luke just turns the situation to his advantage and tells a furious Ben that his dad tried to scare him off.

Kathy tries to make peace between father and son by opening up about her rape ordeal, which Ian thinks will be enough to keep Ben away from his new love interest for good. But is he right, especially when Luke invites Ben to meet Willmott-Brown in person?

Elsewhere, Bex threatens to tell Sonia about her kiss with Gethin, so he calls her bluff and comes clean himself - and understandably, the nurse does not take the news well. And it's not long before the gossip is circulating around the Square, as Martin finds out what happened and Shakil tells Carmel that Bex turned him down for a teacher.

Elsewhere, the locals get fundraising to help the Carters save the Vic, but a safari night supper might prove to be a little too adventurous, especially with Karen doing the cooking...

It's Isaac's christening (Emmerdale, ITV), which is bad timing as a struggling Moira can barely summon up the energy to register her son's birth first, let alone play happy families in front of the guests.

Adam and Victoria agree to be godparents, although they may have thought twice if they knew that later in the week, Moira would crash their adoption meeting to say they can just take Isaac instead.

However, Faith has an alternate plan to ensure Isaac's future - and it involves reminding Cain of his own troubled past.

Faith also has problems of her own to deal with as she rekindles her romance with Pollard, who is feeling very guilty about his part in the plans to turf the Dingles out of their home.

Speaking of guilty consciences, Robert is touched by Rebecca's choice of baby name and Lawrence's offer of a stake in Home Farm, but is he serious about finally doing right by the Whites?

Paddy and Chas consider going public, just as Rhona's feelings for her ex begin to grow, and Nicola reluctantly agrees to hand over the late Mrs Dumphrey's winnings should the real heir appear.

The village of Hollyoaks (C4) is a hotbed of jealousy and sexual tension at the best of times, but it's really heating up this week as Tegan hopes for more with Ryan, who is busy declaring his feelings for Kyle - and James has clocked that something is going on. However, that doesn't stop Ryan from making his relationship with Tegan official.

Meanwhile, Glenn thinks Jesse is spending too much time running after Courtney and pays Lisa to take his mind off her - although Lisa appears to be more interested in Brody. But when Courtney is later rushed to hospital by her controlling Grannie Campbell, will Jesse be there to support her?

Grace arranges for Glenn to catch her in a compromising position with Sami, but is left put out when he doesn't seem bothered.

At least Joel is turning to gameplaying and emotional manipulation for a good cause, as he tricks a paranoid Sienna into leaving the flat to collect her test results.

Zack offers Harry a place to stay, but is concerned by his friend's strange behaviour, and Louis asks Leela to start taking responsibility for Daniel.