THE stress just keeps piling up for the Fowlers (EastEnders, BBC1) as Stacey is rushed to hospital for an emergency C-section and her new-born daughter is taken to the intensive care unit.

Martin does his best to stay positive, but it seems Stacey is preparing herself for the worst as she initially refuses to see her baby girl and snaps at her husband when he tries to pick out a name.

Meanwhile, Max continues his transformation into the Godfather of Albert Square as he delivers a threat that Jane can't ignore. She's so rattled, she fails to mention his name to the police and convinces Ian they should leave Walford for a fresh start. However, even that might not be enough to keep Max off her back, as Wilmott-Brown asks him for another favour...

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Keanu starts work as an escort, while Donna encourages Abi to tell Lauren the truth about her pregnancy. Michelle is understandably unnerved when she realises Tom is following her, and the Carters are stunned when Luke tells them the extent of the work that needs to be done on The Vic.

Health on the Line

Simon's done some rotten things in the past, but it seems he's about to outdo himself by becoming Weatherfield's youngest drug-pusher when he supplies Summer with a dodgy-looking cigarette he claims to have found at school (Coronation Street, ITV).

Feeling emotional on what would have been her dad's birthday, Summer smokes it - and then passes out in the ginnel. When Billy finds out from Peter exactly what has happened, he snaps and punches him. Todd is horrified by his actions - after all, it could result in them losing custody of the youngster - but will Peter be willing to forgive and forget?

Chesney also has another health scare, during which he's rushed to hospital. While there, he learns that his son Joseph has been taken ill in Portugal, prompting him to leap from his sick bed and fly out to be by his side. His dedication makes Sinead see Chesney in a whole new light.

Meanwhile, Mary tries to prevent her family returning to South Africa and Gina feels guilty about supporting Kirk.

After being lied to for months, it's understandable that Gary is feeling angry and hurt (Neighbours, C5). Even Terese, although annoyed by his efforts to take revenge in a very public fashion, has to admit that she's brought much of it onto herself.

Tim orders Amy to find out more about Courtney's relationship with Paul, but she finds it too difficult to dish dirt on her stepmother-to-be. Unfortunately, a derogatory story about the wellness centre is splashed across the front pages, but Amy assures Steph that she can sort the problem out

Louise tells Hamish that they must leave within 24 hours, but is then rushed to hospital in a deep coma - could the two events be linked? And if so, Sheila should watch her back when she visits Hamish, who is up to no good again, to declare her feelings for him.

Diwali takes place, which means that the Liveability contest is about to get under way - and it doesn't quite go to plan...