How did the radio show come about?

I got an email from the boss at Absolute asking for a meeting. We had a chat, and he asked me to do a pilot, he liked it and he offered me a show.

So that was alright, wasn’t it? That’s about as easy as it could be! There are probably students and radio experts reading this that hate me now!

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But they wanted somebody more comedy-based than radio-based, to add a bit of variety. It was definitely that which swung it rather than my technical skills, if I’m honest.

Have you’ve been looking to get into radio?

I’ve always wanted to do radio. I’ve loved going on as a guest. I love doing live radio and live telly, but I did so much stand-up comedy that I couldn’t fit it in before, but this is perfect because it’s football, comedy and a bit of everything really.

Will you have guests on?

At the start, it’s just me to get people used to it being my show. But guests will be fun – be nice to have someone to chat to.

You’re an Arsenal fan, do you have high hopes for the season?

It’s just so exciting having bought people in the transfer window! I’m so excited, it’s pathetic.

Will the show feature stories from outside the Premier League as well?

Oh yeah. I’ve obviously got to say when somebody’s scored, but it’s very much about me and the comedy aspect as much as the football. So there’s a lot of stuff about the world of comedy, TV, general stuff and what I’m doing. I’m eager for it to be accessible to everyone. It’s basically entertainment with a football skew.

What are you looking forward to most about the show?

I like the fear of doing something that can’t be taken back – it’s out there, there’s nothing you can do about it, it can’t be edited out, so you just have to get on with it.

Will you be able to fit your stand-up gigs around it?

Yeah, I should be able to. I don’t like doing gigs on Saturday and Sunday nights anyway. I’ve got to take some bits of time off to do certain things, but it should be fine.

Is one of those certain things the I’m A Celebrity spin-off ?

I don’t know about that yet. But if that was happening, I think they’d be accommodating.

Fingers crossed that’ll come off, because I’d love to do that again.

You have had quite a meteoric rise, so you must be thrilled how things are going

I just sort of enjoy it. You usually have to have been doing stand-up for about eight to ten years before you get your break, and I’ve only been doing it for five. I’ve found something I’m half good at, so I thought, I’m not letting this get away.

My dad’s a cabby and my brother’s a market trader, and they work really hard. If they’re out 15 hours a day doing their jobs, the least I can be doing is the same, but writing or performing.

Have you got any ambitions you’d still like to achieve?

The radio thing is something I really want to do, so maybe keeping hold of that job is my ambition. I don’t like to plan too far ahead because I never imagined I could be a comedian, so I just keep going and saying yes to things.

When you’re young and loud, you’re always being told to be quiet and stop showing off, but when you do comedy, they give you a microphone and then after a while they start paying you!

Do you fancy moving into acting? Maybe doing a sitcom?

I’m writing two sitcoms at the moment, and I’ve done a bit of acting, in a short film. I would love to be in a Hollywood film. My mates laugh at me, but if I don’t try, I’ll never know. I’ve got to at least give it a go. You see some people in these films, and you think, I could have done that. I’m not saying I’m Pacino or anything, but I reckon I could work my way in there somehow, if I keep having a go.

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