In the Club (BBC1, 9pm)

WRITER and producer Kay Mellor has been putting pen to paper for longer than she'd probably care to remember, so it's no surprise that the idea of In the Club has been kicking around since the days of the hugely successful Fat Friends nearly 15 years ago.

Nor is it a shock - given the calibre of her work - that she's managed to sign up the elite of the small screen to star in it.

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For Hermione Norris, who plays struggling new mum Roanna, joining the cast was a no-brainer.

"I'm a massive Kay Mellor fan," she explains. "All of Kay's characters were rich, vibrant, real and raw and there was an honesty that ran through all of them."

For her character Roanna, tonight's episode sees her suffering the baby blues.

"The birth stirs up all kinds of feelings that she wasn't expecting about her teenage children and she has a struggle ahead."

And now that that birth scene is out of the way, she's more than happy to sit back and let the other women take the spotlight while her character's story develops through the early stages of motherhood.

"What became really apparent at the read-through was how excited we all were about each other's births. My character's birth was in episode three so it was lovely to finish my own birth scenes and get to watch and enjoy everyone else's."

It's a busy time for Neil tonight, he's got a packed-out flat, what with Kim, Rosie and baby Dinah there - and as he and Kim struggle to ignore their feelings for one another, their secret threatens to bubble to the surface.

Meanwhile, Rosie visits her dad in hospital to break the news that he's a granddad, which means her future looks more uncertain than ever.

And Vicky's got plenty on her plate what with her own due date looming, so she decides to give Dr Bellingham an ultimatum.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jasmin isn't too pleased when it's thought she will have to be induced, and confides in Vicky about her "honeymoon" baby. And baby Hope is suffering from jaundice and Diane struggles to know where to put herself - should she be in hospital with Hope or looking after her family at home?

Norris is joined in the top-drawer cast by Jill Halfpenny, Katherine Parkinson, Christine Bottomley, Jonathan Kerrigan and Hannah Midgley.

Cowboy Builders (Channel 5, 8pm)

Rogue traders had better beware. Dominic Littlewood and Gabrielle Blackman have proved themselves to quite a force to be reckoned with, as they call time on dodgy workmanship. This week, they're in Great Yarmouth, coming to the aid of pensioners Roy and Raye Robinson, who employed a builder to erect a single-storey extension to their semi.

It was supposed to make life easier for Raye after a battle with cancer, but what they're now experiencing is far from an easy life - after forking out £12,000, they've been left with a half-built wreck with wonky walls and mortar so weak it could be rubbed out with their fingers. For designer Gabrielle and her chief builder John Russell, they've got no choice, but to knock the whole thing down and start again. Dom, meanwhile, is hot on the heels of the cowboy builder responsible and actually catches him in the middle of doing some dodgy electrics...

New Girl (E4, 9pm)

ZOOEY DESCHANEL'S private life is usually the focus of many a tabloid headline, most recently with speculation that she's started a relationship with a producer on her new film Rock the Kasbah.

But if the actress can just forget the prying cameras for a short while, she certainly has a lot to smile about. This sitcom, for one thing, has proved to be quite the little earner, not only wowing audiences across the pond, but continuing to rake in the ratings over here as well.

In tonight's instalment, Jess pretends to be a fan of the Pistons basketball team in an attempt to get a rapport going with Coach. However, this only upsets Nick, who supports a rival club.

Meanwhile, Schmidt is assigned to mentor older colleague Ed, and Winston seeks a new career path.

Fans of Bob Gunton should keep an eye out for his guest appearance.