DEEP Breath everyone. The New Doctor is in. Since it was announced last summer, fans have been eagerly awaiting to see what Peter Capaldi would be like as the Twelfth Doctor, and what he could bring to the shows' 6th decade.

Along with hundreds of other Whovians across the UK, I bought tickets to see the new Doctor landing in our cinemas. We saw the episode itself simultaneously with the TV screening, together with a special intro, behind the scenes and interviews with the cast on the big screen.

He brought an amazing new dynamic to the character, much darker than we’ve been used to, from previous actors of this iconic role. It would seem the Twelfth Doctor seems to be a lot more ‘alien’ in comparison to his predecessors. Taking more risks and putting friends in situations that could endanger them, almost like playing chess, using his associates, as pawns - an ongoing characteristic of the Twelfth Doctor, which I am looking forward to seeing explored, as the series progresses.

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The story itself had a lot of twists and turns surrounding the relationship between the Doctor and Clara, as she struggled to deal with how different the Doctor has become. Can she still trust this man who now has a new face and persona?

Regeneration has always been one of the most interesting things which hooked me into Doctor Who. The only constant is change, one of the factors which allowed the show to go beyond 50 years. It is also a concept which encourages involvement from fans, making their own fan-made content.

Recently I produced a short fan film surrounding regeneration to enhance my visual effect skills for a module for my degree at University, which now has over 7,000 views on YouTube. Doctor Who inspired me to be creative and today, five years on I am still making fan films in my spare time with my friends across the UK, whom I’ve met because of the show, and that big blue box in my garden.


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