A NORTH-EAST company has urged businesses to bolster their green credentials by taking advantage of a Government cost-saving initiative.

Alpha Lighting and Electrical, a Sunderlandbased commercial lighting specialist, advised companies to make the most of interest-free business loans from the Carbon Trust, while they are still offered under the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment.

Alpha director Paul Thompson outlined the savings that companies can make: “The Government wants all businesses to slash their carbon footprint by 25 per cent. At the moment, the spotlight is on heavier energy users, but it is starting to be moved onto small and medium enterprises, and what many firms don’t realise is that the legislation is backed by audits, league tables and fines.

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“A smallish commercial outlet with 150 or so 50- watt spot lightbulbs and operating 364 days a year, 15 hours a day, probably faces an energy bill for that lighting of £3,000 a year.

Switching entirely to the latest low-energy bulbs will reduce that to £250. That’s a £2,750-a-year saving.”