A MOBILE phone transmitter maker says it remains positive despite bosses predicting losses.

Filtronic, at Netpark Sedgefield, County Durham, says its wireless division faces a sharp drop in work after projects were deferred as operators delay changes.

The company develops chips linking mobile smartphones to networks, and its financial results were revealed in an interim statement for the year from December 1 2013.

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The firm, which employs about 85 North-East workers, expects wireless turnover to be 60 per cent lower in the second-half of the year, meaning small operating losses for the six-month period.

However, bosses say its broadband division will see reduced operating losses in the second-half and small operating profits.

Alan Needle, Filtronic chairman, said: “The prospects for the 2015 financial year are positive, and the wireless business deferred for the current period is largely expected to be secured.

“We are engaged on about twice the number of wireless projects compared to a year ago, with some of these being potentially very large, and broadband is seeing steadily growing demand.”