A FIRST grandchild was the inspiration for a primary school teacher’s new business.

Semi-retired Geraldine McHugh wanted to buy her new grandchild a baby gift basket but after trawling the internet and making a number of unsuccessful visits to department stores, found she was unable to find what she was looking for.

Taking the lead from a magazine article about women over 50 setting up on their own, and wanting to use her creativity and work from home, she decided to set up her own online baby gift business called Beau Baby Bundles.

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The business, which has officially launched online this week, sells baby gift baskets from new-born babies to six months.

“The gift baskets are made from fast growing sustainable willow and the paint is eco-friendly paint – allergy tested and approved by the Asthma Association. So mums can rest assured that the products are safety tested to the highest standard,” said Ms McHugh.

“And all the gift packaging is sourced from eco-friendly recycled materials as I am keen to be green with all aspects of the business.

“I’m so excited at setting up my new business. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and working from home is ideal as it means I can be on hand to look after my grandchild. It’s been really hard work setting everything up but I’m raring to go and already the first orders are coming in.”