A CABLE cleat maker has secured a significant order to supply equipment to a Chinese nuclear power plant.

Ellis, in Rillington, near Scarborough, will send cleats and straps to the Areva European Pressurised Reactor (AEPR) in China’s Guangdong province.

The cleats are designed to restrain cables and can withstand forces generated in a short circuit.

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The AEPR plant is part of the Taishan Nuclear Power Project, a joint venture between EDF and China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group.

It is the second time Ellis has sent products to the development, and bosses say it was a boost for UK manufacturing.

Tony Conroy, Ellis’ export sales director, said: “Even after the success of the phase one specification, receiving a repeat order for phase two was far from simple.

“A huge emphasis has been placed on the various contractors to source local products, so it felt like a huge victory to overturn the directive and see UK products being specified for installation in a major Chinese development.”

Earlier this year, Ellis revealed a deal to send cleats to The Shamiya Haram, which is part of the holy mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Workers are quadrupling the mosque’s size to cater for more than two million worshippers.

Its cleats will secure power cables throughout the building's 75,000sq metre central utility complex (CUC).

The company has also supplied fire-proof cleats to secure cabling in the 23-storey BP4 Tower, in London's Canary Wharf.

Ellis was founded in 1962 by former RAF bomber pilot turned plumber Arthur Ellis, who flew more than 90 missions in the Second World War.

The company is still based on the original site where Mr Ellis set up business.