CAREERS in creative industries such as design, art, music and IT are providing more people in the North-East with work than ever before, according to Government statistics.

One in 20 people in the region - some 58,000 people – work in a creative environment, figures from a Department for Culture, Media and Sport report show.

The creative economy, which covers businesses reliant on the creativity, talent and skill of individuals, accounts for more than five per cent of all jobs in the North-East region.

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More than a third of those jobs fall within the IT, software and computer services sector, while 5,000 people in the region work in music and performing arts.

The Government report also notes that the North-East has a higher than average number of people working in museums, galleries and libraries compared to the rest of the UK.

Despite the growth of the creative industry in the North, the figures show region still has the lowest number of people working in the sector compared to other areas of the country.

The figures for Yorkshire and the Humber show that 157,000 people, or six per cent of those in employment, work in the creative economy.

Employment within the creative sector is said to be growing more than five times faster than the national average and generates £70bn a year for the UK economy.

The sector is also a big draw for new graduates, with more than one in ten young people drawn to a creative job.

Caroline Norbury, chief executive of Creative England, said: “The UK is a true powerhouse of creativity and these figures are a testament to that.

“We know that there is an enormous pool of talented individuals and businesses that are based outside of the M25, so it is extremely encouraging to see a significant increase in employment in the regions and a fairer spread of opportunities for people in the creative industries.”

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said: “The UK’s Creative Industries are a huge success story and powerful force in driving economic growth.

“These figures demonstrate the sector is punching well above its weight and Government is committed to ensuring the right conditions are in place to allow the sector to continue to flourish.”