A RE-DEVELOPMENT of the UK's largest airport could support 90,000 new jobs and provide homes for 190,000 people.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has revealed plans to revolutionise Heathrow Airport.

The scenarios in the report included a Heathrow City plan, which would see the development of a new residential quarter, and two campus universities on the Heathrow site.

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The proposals depend on the Whitehall-appointed Airports Commission rejecting runway expansion at Heathrow or elsewhere, and opting for a new Thames Estuary airport instead.

The commission is due to make a ruling later this year on whether to carry on considering the so-called Boris Island estuary airport scheme.

The commission is due to make its final recommendation on airport expansion in summer 2015.

Mr Johnson said: "My job is to consider how best to face the incredible challenges posed by the unparalleled increase in population taking place in our city over the first half of this century.

"I believe there is no question the best option for increasing our aviation capacity is now to the east of London.

"There is also no question that Heathrow would then present a unique opportunity to create a new town within the capital that would supply thousands more homes and jobs."