A LEADING video game firm has expanded further after launching its first own-brand label.

Eutechnyx, in Gateshead, is renowned for driving challenges such as the US Nascar stock car series and Auto Club Revolution, which allows gamers to race around real tracks.

It has now launched its label ETX Racing, with Nascar 14 the first game under the new title.

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Darren Jobling, Eutechnyx chief executive, said: “To prosper in a rapidly changing industry requires the passion and desire to adapt to new markets.

“We have an unrivalled heritage in console video gaming dating back to 1996, and PC free-to-play since the launch of Auto Club Revolution.

“In the last 12 months we’ve broadened our portfolio to include PC download, mobile and tablet gaming, and the launch of our new consumer brand brings all the driving and racing game passion, creativity and expertise under one label.”

Last year, Eutechnyx, which employs more than 100 workers, revealed it was working on ZeroLight, which offers motorists virtual 3D showrooms to view their perfect car.

The system, already used by luxury car marques, projects a full-size replica of models to the buyer, who can then tailor it without driving or sitting in the vehicle.

Mr Jobling added: “Nobody really likes the car-buying experience, and this gets rid of it by being a bit like an app store.

“Nowadays, people are going on the internet, finding the cars they like and their prices, and are going fully armed to get the vehicle they want.”