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Darlington FC launches £225,000 campaign to fund return home

The Northern Echo: CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: Chief Executive Martin Jesper, right, and Director Dave Wills from Darlington 1883 at the Blackwell Meadows ground Picture: DAVID WOOD

8:01pm Thursday 5th March 2015

THE Quakers have tonight (Thursday, March 5) launched an urgent campaign to raise at least £225,000 to fund the club's return to Darlington.

Householder claims heating oil company 'overcharged' him by up to £2,000

6:07am Thursday 5th March 2015

A HOUSEHOLDER is threatening legal action against a heating oil company which he says overcharged him by up to £2,000.

Transport experts call for North of England 'Oyster card'

12:03am Thursday 5th March 2015

THE Government should appoint a North of England transport commissioner and introduce an Oyster-style travel card for the region, says an influential think-tank.

Tributes to Harvey Madden - the right man at the right time to help save Quakers

The Northern Echo:

12:12pm Tuesday 3rd March 2015

A POPULAR sportsman and businessman who was at the heart of the campaign to save Darlington Football Club has died.

Trains to link London and Teesside from 2020, says East Coast Main Line operator

9:10pm Monday 2nd March 2015

DIRECT train services between Middlesbrough and London will begin in 2020 using new Intercity Express trains built in County Durham, the new East Coast Main Line (ECML) operator has confirmed.

Is this the moment a North Yorkshire barn was set alight?

The Northern Echo:

3:10pm Monday 2nd March 2015

MORE than 60 cattle have had to be evacuated after a large barn blaze in North Yorkshire.

End of East Coast Main Line in public hands to be marked by protests

4:42pm Friday 27th February 2015

UNION bosses have organised a series of protests along the East Coast Main Line to mark the final day of its operation in the public sector.

News for readers in the Bahamas, Monaco, Worksop and other exotic places

11:08am Friday 27th February 2015

News reaches me of Dales ex-pats now living in Sweden who have this newspaper flown out first thing Friday morning and I'm forever going on about the First World War soldier who had the D&S sent out to him in the trenches.

'Government has listened' say rail users as announcement spells end of hated Pacers

The Northern Echo:

11:10am Friday 27th February 2015

THE North-East is to get new trains after ministers "listened to passengers" and ignored the advice of civil servants who claimed the investment was not worth it.

Richmond parliamentary candidate's Facebook page 'hacked'

11:46am Thursday 26th February 2015

A CANDIDATE contesting the Richmond seat at the general election has told how his official Facebook page was off-line for two weeks after being 'hacked'.

Restaurant Review: The Wellington Heifer, Ainderby Steeple

The Northern Echo: WARM WELCOME: The Wellington Heifer at Ainderby Steeple. Picture: RICHARD DOUGHTY

10:27am Thursday 26th February 2015

On a snowy February night, Joe Willis finds a warm welcome waiting in Ainderby Steeple.

Thieves steal lead from historic Dales church

6:17pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

THIEVES have caused an estimated £10,000 worth of damage to a rural church by stealing lead and damaging stonework.

Police helicopter supporters make impassioned pleas for service to survive

The Northern Echo: SUPPORT: More than 500 people have signed a petition calling for the Npas Tees Valley base to be saved.

5:13pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

SUPPORTERS of the Tees Valley police helicopter have made impassioned pleas for the service to survive, with more than 750 people signing a petition backing the aircraft in just three days.

Voters decide

12:32pm Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – In a newspaper which proclaims itself to be independent of any political party it was disappointing to see a full page devoted to the Conservative Party general election candidate for Richmond. As similar treatment is not to be accorded to the other candidates we must assume that the editor is endorsing the Conservative Party candidate.

Sheep parade

11:57am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – Whilst livestock theft is a constant and worrying problem for upland farmers, your headline about a sheep ID parade at first glance got my imagination turning over.

Deep concerns

11:51am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – 1,695 Stokesley residents signed for their library to be a hybrid because an all-volunteer library is more vulnerable and they need a sustainable library. It was remarkable to encounter an almost unanimous quantity of strong support. With resounding clarity, they rejected county’s proposals to close the library and wanted it to remain in county provision. During 2013/14, Stokesley children, students and adults made over 40,000 visits to the library. We handed in the petition and personal responses and each councillor was given a copy of this speech.

Ordinary man

11:43am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, - I read with interest your comprehensive full page spread in last week's D&S Times about the Tory candidate for the Richmond constituency.

Utterly absurd

11:33am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – I was completely baffled by Mr Stephenson's letter (D&S Times, Feb 20) seemingly saying that he couldn't have any respect for people called Phil, Dave and Mick. I presume that he was saying that he would have more respect for them if they'd referred to themselves as Phillip, David and Michael. Such a view is utterly absurd, and is on a par with saying that people with double-barrelled surnames must be more worthy than those with single names. I can only assume Mr Stephenson fell asleep in the 1950s and has only just awoken.

Key points

11:27am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – I do not intend arguing with Mr Hodgson regarding the development at Scotch Corner (D&S Times, Feb 20)but do take issue with two key points raised. Surely the 90 units will create jobs in development and retail by the very nature of this being a new retail site. Secondly, no-one can be in the Metro Centre in half an hour from Scotch Corner. The centre is 40 miles away and the speed limit on the A1 is 70mph, however as the A1 is being upgraded at several locations, the current speed limit at the Angel of the North is 30mph. These roadworks start just north of Washington Services and continue beyond the Metro Centre. It is currently also 50mph at Scotch Corner until after the Darlington exit.

Supermarket plan

11:04am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – Further to the letters on the Stokesley supermarket proposal I recall a question I asked at the well attended consultation exercise at the Town Hall.

Enquiry needed

11:01am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – The D&S Times is to be congratulated for obtaining the secret report into problems at Richmond School when, clearly, neither North Yorkshire County Council nor the headteacher would like us to know anything about the scathing criticisms of them and which led to the mass resignation of governors last year.

Manifest failings

10:53am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – The final report into complaints submitted by me as former chair of governors at Richmond School in connection with events leading up to the issuing of the warning notice in February 2014 acknowledges that governance arrangements were sound and governing body actions taken via appropriate channels at all times.

Very relieved

10:46am Wednesday 25th February 2015

Sir, – I was very relieved to read in Beryl Bank`s letter (D&S Times, Feb 20) that the Northallerton bus service to James Cook Hospital is only a trial run until March and hope her husband has fully recovered and she has no further use for it.

Return of memorial plaques from Afghanistan prompts service to remember the fallen at North Yorkshire Army base

6:03am Wednesday 25th February 2015

SOLDIERS from across the country will gather in the region later this week to remember comrades who lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Man arrested on suspicion of grooming and trying to meet schoolgirl

6:42pm Monday 23rd February 2015

A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of grooming a schoolgirl and trying to meet them in a North Yorkshire market town.

Police helicopter could take 30 minutes to respond to emergencies, report shows

6:21pm Monday 23rd February 2015

THE closure of the Tees Valley police helicopter base could mean air support takes up to half an hour to arrive, an official report shows.

Robbers played 'rock, paper, scissors' to decide who would snatch woman's handbag

5:13am Monday 23rd February 2015

TWO drunken men played a game of "rock, paper, scissors" to decide who would snatch a woman's handbag.

PICTURES: Police deal with spate of road accidents

The Northern Echo:

7:30am Monday 23rd February 2015

POLICE in North Yorkshire dealt with a number of road accidents over the weekend.

Fate of Tees Valley police helicopter unclear as PCC admits he backed base closure

6:03am Saturday 21st February 2015

THE fate of the Tees Valley's police helicopter was unclear last night as it emerged that Cleveland's police and crime commissioner (PCC) had voted in favour of shutting its base.

'The day couldn't have been gloomier if I'd driven to Chernobyl with no sweets and a stone in my shoe...'

The Northern Echo: STRANGE: Cogden Beck in the Yorkshire Dales turned green overnight. Pic: Louise Coates.

10:40am Friday 20th February 2015

IT'S a source of occasional consternation that photographers take lots of pictures of the Yorkshire Dales, but fail every time to capture how really dreary the place can be.

Report sheds new light on Richmond School saga

11:13am Thursday 19th February 2015

A leaked report finds that council officers could have done more to address deteriorating relationships at Richmond School before the entire governing body resigned. Joe Willis reports

Yorkshire Dales stream turns green overnight

6:03am Thursday 19th February 2015

TESTS have been carried out after a stream in the Yorkshire Dales turned "luminous green" overnight.

Council staff criticised over Richmond School saga

4:43pm Wednesday 18th February 2015

LOCAL authority staff have been criticised for failing to do more to resolve problems at Richmond School before the governing body resigned en-masse.

Train company bottom of the pile for its dirty toilets

5:50pm Monday 16th February 2015

A TRAIN company has come bottom of the pile for having dirty toilets.

Harrogate – so posh even the ne'er-do-wells wear designer outfits and sip lattes

10:35am Friday 13th February 2015

WE'VE just returned from a very enjoyable weekend in Harrogate with the children – not as enjoyable as it would have been had the children stayed at home, but still very pleasant.

Rishi Sunak - the Tory with big boots to fill

The Northern Echo: Rishi Sunak, the man hoping to replace William Hague as Richmond MP talks to Joe Willis about policies, hobbies and a mysterious pair of wellies.

10:02am Friday 13th February 2015

RISHI Sunak - the man hoping to replace William Hague as Richmond MP, talks to Joe Willis about policies, hobbies and a mysterious pair of wellies

Old London tube trains lined up to replace Pacers would be 'cheap and comfortable'

The Northern Echo: Old London tube trains lined up replace Pacers would be 'cheap and comfortable'

1:48pm Wednesday 11th February 2015

OLD London Underground trains being lined-up to replace the unpopular Pacers will be comfortable for passengers and cheap for operators, says the company behind the plan.

Parents call for councillor to sit on Richmond School shadow governing body

The Northern Echo: NOMINATED: Councillor Stuart Parsons says he is flattered that parents have launched a petition calling on him to be allowed to sit on Richmond School's new shadow board of governors.

6:08pm Tuesday 10th February 2015

PARENTS are demanding that a local councillor is allowed to join a new shadow governing body (SGB) at Richmond School.

Talks planned amid fears over future of Tees Valley police helicopter base

The Northern Echo: FEARS: A police helicopter flies above Durham Tees Valley Airport.

6:02am Tuesday 10th February 2015

FUNDING cuts have prompted concerns the Tees Valley could lose its police helicopter base.

Charity launches urgent appeal to help sexual exploitation victims

The Northern Echo: FUNDING: Barnardo's has launched an urgent appeal to raise £370,000.

5:44pm Monday 9th February 2015

A CHILDREN'S charity has launched an urgent appeal for funds in response to a "massive surge" in child sexual exploitation cases.

Outline of medieval church revealed on building site

The Northern Echo: OUTLINE: The stone foundations of a pre-conquest Christian church along with several artefacts, which may date back to the Bronze Age, were found on the site of a new extra care scheme in Leyburn.

4:50pm Monday 9th February 2015

THE outline of a medieval church has been revealed on the site of a new home for the elderly.

Tributes paid to owner of renowned store which attracted customers from across Britain

The Northern Echo: TRIBUTES: Doug Campbell, owner of Campbells of Leyburn, has died after a long illness.

6:32am Saturday 7th February 2015

TRIBUTES have been paid to a popular owner of a renowned independent store which attracts wine connoisseurs from across the country.

Half of North-East part-time jobs pay less than living wage, report reveals

The Northern Echo: IMPROVEMENT NEEDED: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says a lack of quality management is affecting UK workers and the country's productivity

6:15am Saturday 7th February 2015

ALMOST a quarter of all North-East workers - and nearly a half of part-time staff - are not being paid a living wage, new research shows.

Charity calls on region to help children by eating brunch

The Northern Echo: BRUNCH: Janice Heathcote, left, and Amanda Warrant from Barnardo’s launch the charity’s Big Brunch event.

5:44pm Friday 6th February 2015

A CHARITY is asking people across the North-East to gather their friends and join in a new fundraising event that will help change children’s lives.

Immigrants... coming over here, taking the jobs we don't really want...

10:18am Friday 6th February 2015

SOMETIMES the column is written by Monday. A child has done something oh so hilarious over the weekend and other semi-interesting subjects have just popped into my head from nowhere. This is not one of those times.

Dismissal of Star Radio commercial director came as "no surprise" to colleague

The Northern Echo: WITNESS: Sarah Barry, managing director of Harrogate-based Stray FM Picture: GAVIN ENGELBRECHT

5:27pm Thursday 5th February 2015

A RADIO station boss says she was aware of concerns about the performance and conduct of Star Radio's commercial director and her dismissal came as "no surprise".

Spate of burglaries in Catterick Village prompts police call for vigilance

The Northern Echo: BURGLARIES: A spate of burglaries in Catterick Village has prompted a police call for vigilance.

3:48pm Thursday 5th February 2015

POLICE have urged householders to be vigilant after a spate of burglaries.

Councillor accused of calling member of public a 'smelly cow' during parking dispute

The Northern Echo: ROW: Cllr Bernard Borman claims the female motorist started the argument over parking.

5:33am Thursday 5th February 2015

A COUNCIL is investigating a complaint that a councillor called a member of the public a "smelly cow" during a dispute over parking.

Ale to celebrate Quakers' return home on offer at first Darlington Rugby Club beer festival

The Northern Echo: ALE: Festival organiser Michael Stowe prepares for the Darlington Rugby Club beer festival. Picture: STUART BOULTON

5:49pm Wednesday 4th February 2015

TWENTY-FIVE real ales and four ciders will be on tap at the first Darlington Rugby Club beer festival.

Radio station boss denies making 'outrageous' big boobs comments

The Northern Echo: TRIBUNAL: John Clayton at an employment tribunal hearing in Newcastle today (Tuesday, February 3) Picture: GAVIN ENGELBRECHT

1:30pm Wednesday 4th February 2015

A RADIO station managing director has denied asking staff to recruit blonde women with big breasts.


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