In Sympathy

A selection of commemorative verses courtesy of Newsquest (Yorkshire & North East) Ltd

  • God saw the road was getting rough the hill too hard to climb he gently closed her weary eyes and whispered ‘Peace be thine’
  • It seems so strange that those we need and those we love the best are just the ones God calls away and takes them home to rest.
  • I never said goodbye dear but that was just as well I never could have said goodbye to one I love so well.
  • I think of you in silence and often speak your name but you will never leave me like you picture in the frame you left a place no-one can fill I miss you now and always will
  • Never a day do I forget you in my heart you are always near God alone knows how I miss you and ends this first sad year my heart still aches with sadness my secret tears still flow for what it meant to lose you no-one will never know
  • A little lamb too sweet and pure upon this earth to roam and angel came and took our dear baby home
  • Sweet are the memories that will never ever fade of the best mother in the world that God ever made.
  • I miss you most when I need a friend on you I always could depend kind and unselfish a wife so true my dearest possession is the memory of you
  • Those who have a mother treasure her with care for you never know how much you love her until she is not there.
  • When called to part with those we hold on earth most dear the heart no greater sorrow knows no trial more severe
  • We often think of bygone days when we were all together the family chain is broken now but memories live forever
  • His live was full of kindly deeds a helping hand to all in need sincere and true in heart and mind a memory sweet he left behind
  • God knows how we miss her never shall her memory fade loving thoughts shall wander to the spot where she is laid.
  • Your vacant place no-one can fill we miss you now and always will.
  • We’ve been lonely since you left home has never been the same the world would be like Heaven just to have you back again
  • Although we smile and make no fuss no-one misses him more than us and when old times we oft recall then we miss him most of all.
  • This day we shall always remember with heartache tears and regret it’s the day you were taken from us how could we ever forget.
  • Beautiful memories treasured forever of the love and happiness we shared together
  • Remembrance is a golden chain that links us till we meet again
  • In our hearts you always stay loved and remembered every day
  • No verse can say no flowers repay how much we lost one year today
  • Memories are like threads of gold they never tarnish nor grow old
  • Time can change many things but not the memory this day brings
  • Close to my heart you will always stay loved and remembered every day
  • Our love was something special on you we could depend we lost two special things in life our mum and our best friend
  • Silent thoughts of times together hold memories that will last forever
  • Thank you for the years we shared the love you gave and the way you cared to see you suffer was hard to bear but now we know you’re in God’s care
  • You fell asleep and angels came the Lord looked down and called your name now Heaven has its brightest stare and in our thoughts you are never far. Goodnight, God bless.
  • Have you ever lost a grandson or even felt the pain or even felt those bitter tears that drop like falling rain if you’ve never had that feeling we hope you never do for when we lost our grandson it broke our hearts in two.
  • Look around your garden Lord find the mam I love put your arms around her Lord I only wish I could God Bless.
  • We have so many memories that often make us smile we miss you as we love you and that is all the while.
  • Not gone from his daddy’s memory not gone from his mother’s love but gone to dwell with Jesus in His happy home above
  • There’s a face that is always with us there’s a voice that we long to hear there’s a smile we always remember of the one we love so dear
  • Kiss her on this day dear Lord and when you see her smile tell her I still think of her and miss her all the while
  • Looking back with tenderness along the path you trod we bless the years we had with you and leave the rest to God
  • I miss you most when I need a friend on you I always could depend kind and unselfish a mother so true my dearest possession is the memory of you
  • One year today we had to part with a mother we love with all our hearts her trials were many, her pleasure few God alone knows what she went through Remembrance is sweet, but sad to recall she is loved by us and respected by all.
  • Each time we look at your picture you seem to smile and say don’t be sad but courage take and love each other for my sake
  • Sweet is his memory dear is his name deep in our hearts he will always remain
  • I’ve lost a companion a life linked with my own no-one knows how I miss him as I travel my life alone
  • I hear his voice in silent hours when the house if very still and the touch of his unseen hand guiding and helping me still
  • No-one knows my sorrow few have seen me weep I cry from a broken heart while others are asleep.
  • If memories bring us closer we are never far apart because you’re always in our thoughts and forever in our heats
  • You gave us many things in life gifts both great and small but most of all you gave us love the greatest gift of all
  • To be with you in the same old way would be our dearest wish today
  • Our birthday wish must be a prayer God bless and keep you in his care
  • Time unfolds another year but memories keep you ever near
  • The brightest star in the sky tonight is my Nana saying ‘Goodnight’
  • Years my pass and fade away but silent thoughts and memories stay
  • Never more than a thought away loved and remembered every day
  • If I could only have you back just for an hour or two I’d put my arms around you just like I used to do I’d tell you that I love you and kiss your lovely face I know that it would help me fill this empty space
  • A million times I think of you a million times I’ve cried if my love could have saved you you never would have died
  • To some you may be forgotten to others, part of the past but to those who loved and lost you your memory will always last
  • Each time I see your photograph you seem to smile and say ‘Don’t cry I’m only sleeping we’ll meet again some day’
  • When I am sad and lonely and things are going wrong I seem to hear you whisper ‘Cheer up and carry on’
  • Her weary hours and days of pain her sleepless nights are past her ever patient worn out frame has found sweet rest at last
  • There is a face that is always with us a voice we love to hear a smile we will always remember of a mam we loved s dear
  • Dad, there comes a time we all must part but you left too soon and broke our hearts we know that you are now at peace our thoughts of you will never cease too dearly loved to be forgotten
  • A never ending sorrow an ever aching heart’s the day you were taken from us our whole world fell apart
  • How can we write on paper the way we feel inside the heartache and the emptiness when the one we love has died
  • It does not need this special day to bring you to our minds for days without a thought of you are very hard to find
  • God saw you getting weary and did what He thought best He put His arms around you and took you home to rest.
  • Though years have passed Oh how we miss them loving them dearly, their memory we’ll keep Never till life ends shall we forget them Sacred to us in the place where they sleep
  • Beautiful memories are all we have left. To love, cherish and never forget
  • A little tribute small and tender just to say we still remember
  • Deep in our hearts your memory is kept To love and to cherish and never forget
  • Today, tomorrow, our whole loves through we will always love and remember you
  • Beautiful thoughts of one so dear treasured forever with love sincere
  • Within our home when all was bright God took from us a shining light we miss that light and always will His vacant place no-one can fill
  • Through life I loved you dearly in death I do the same from memory’s page I will never blot three little words ‘Forget me not’
  • Sweet is the memory deep in my heart the place is holds will never depart and all through the years be they many or few will be years of remembrance dear mother, of you
  • They say it’s a beautiful journey from the old world to the new some day we’ll make that journey which will lead us straight to you and when we reach that garden in which there is no pain we’ll put our arms around you and never part again
  • A light from our family is gone a voice we love is still a place is vacant in our hearts no-one can ever fill
  • Life is eternal, love will remain in God’s own time, we will meet again
  • Lord put your arms around her and kiss her smiling face for she is very special and can never be replaced
  • We never thought of losing you and maybe that’s what wrong you always seem a part of us that would go on and on
  • Wherever I go, whatever I do in my heart I think of you
  • It’s hard to put on paper the feelings we have inside of a broken hearted family that has missed you since you died
  • To us you are so special what more is there is say we only wish within our hearts that you were here today.
  • The ‘In Memoriam; and ‘Birthday Remembrance’ columns provide a suitable opportunity for expressing fond memories of loved ones. In some instances the wording may be slightly adjusted so that they are suitable for others than those mentioned in the wording.
  • For further details please telephone (01325) 381444

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