Trevor Southern

SOUTHERN The family of the late Trevor wish to extend their sincere thanks to all who showed deep care and concern for them during their recent deeply sad bereavement. To the valiant efforts of the Dryburn Paramedics followed by the expertise and tender loving care showed by the staff at the RVI Newcastle. We thank you. Special thanks are extended to the Reverend Robert Lawrence for an uplifting service of The Celebration of Trevor's life. The care and compassion given to us by Stuart Wright Funeral Services and their attention to detail was immeasurable. Much appreciated was the unwavering support of our family and friends, especially to our dear friend Marjorie Macintyre for expressing so eloquently, the words in her eulogy that we all felt in our hearts. The cards, floral tributes and heartfelt letters of condolence have been an enormous comfort to our family. The R.V.I Brainwave Appeal and the Parkinsons Disease Charities will be immensely grateful for your most generous donations. Rest in peace Trevor.