In Memoriam

John Thomas Temby

TEMBY John Thomas February 8, 2010. We who loved you, Sadly miss you, as it dawns another year, in our lonely hours of thinking, thoughts of you are always there. Your loving wife, Norma, daughter Helen and son-in-law Simon. grandsons, William, Matthew, George and Thomas. xxxx



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  • Mrssrbsays...

    A beautiful memory, dearer than gold,
    Of a father whose worth can never be told,
    There's a place in my heart no one can fill,
    I miss you, Dad, and always will.
    I never ask for miracles,
    But today just one would do,
    To see the front door open and
    See my Dad walk through.

  • Mrssrbsays...

    You are Sadly missed every day, you remain
    In my thoughts, and in my heart, and you are
    Forever loved. X x

  • Mrssrbsays...

    I wish that I could see you Dad,
    For just a little while,
    I wish that I could hug you and
    see your lovely smile,
    But wishing gets me nowhere,
    And longing is in vain.
    So I will hold you in my heart.
    Until we meet again.

  • Mrssrbsays...

    Thinking of you Dad,
    but that is nothing new
    I thought about you yesterday,
    and the day before that too,
    I'll think about you tomorrow,
    and as the years come and go
    I'll think about you forever,
    because I loved you so.
    lots of love from helen

    Dear Lord up above, give Grandad our love
    Hug him and kiss him and tell him we love
    Him and that we are always thinking of him.
    from william, matthew, george and thomas

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  • William, Matthew, George, & Thomas

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  • Mrssrbsays...

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    If I could have a moment
    With my dad again
    I'm not sure I could take it
    Or withstand the pain
    You see a moment is not long enough
    And I don't think I would survive
    Losing dad a second time
    If he didn't stay alive
    My heart it whimpers badly
    At the thought that he is gone
    But that is where I got my strength
    From dad to carry on
    I know there will come a day
    When life is done for me
    That I will return to the place
    Where my dad will be.

  • Mrssrbsays...

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    7 years have passed, but every day you're thought of and so badly missed.
    Love you dad x

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