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Wayne Anthony Short

SHORT Wayne Anthony December 11, 2009 It gets harder to express the loss we feel each day but we know you are always with us Son in your ever loving way on our dark days you're the rainbow that makes us realise how very thankful we should be and you fill our hearts with pride. After the rain comes glorious sunshine and we can feel your warmth I imagine that most heartfelt hug as we did not long ago and it only seems like yesterday and keeps us all aglow encouraging us to carry on as you would have us do making lifes journey until we meet with you. Goodnight and God bless Your ever loving Mam and Dad. xx



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  • Debbi Harrissays...

    What a joy you have been to soo many Wayne and how we all miss you. We have been so blessed to have you in our life from across the pond and you shall always hold a special place in our hearts until we can meet again. We love and miss you. Many Hugs to you, Mam & Dad & fam. : - ) Your Texas family; Debbi, Mark, Lisa, Lannie, Mark & Mandy & kids
  • msharris9says...

    In all my years I do not recall a person with such a strong spirit. Yet the image that remains is that of a man with a quiet and gentle soul. In the short period of time that we knew each other you impressed me in many ways. Among those are your talents as a mechanic and your kindnesses to those around you. I will forever remember you, I will always feel your presence.
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